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  • Article - 7 Nov 2012
    In this interview, Gordon Thompson, CEO & Executive Director at Dyesol Ltd, talks to AZoM about recent innovations in solar technology.
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    Enabling high-accuracy analysis of precious metals and jewelry, showing karats and percent share in only seconds.
  • Equipment
    The time-tested handheld XRF analyzer from Elvatech provides the ultimate quality of measurement within a couple of seconds.
  • Equipment
    The Clemex CMT line of hardness testing solutions can be made available as single or dual solutions that can be used for both macro- and micro-hardness testing, depending upon the specific needs of...
  • Equipment
    The new iXon Life EMCCD platform from Andor is available exclusively for fluorescence microscopy applications.
  • Article - 1 May 2008
    Finishes for aluminium are designed to either preserve an existing surface or promote a new one which is visually or functionally more desirable. This article covers mechanical finishes, chemical...
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    Clemex provides manufacturers and researchers with image analysis software and hardware to make quantification of microstructures less demanding and more effective. We specialize in automating...
  • Article - 12 Apr 2007
    Feldco International provide sputtering targets made in a vast array of materials in various sizes. A list of applications and indutrsies served for sputtering targets is provided as well as some of...
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    X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (XRF) can perform elemental analysis of numerous materials such as liquids, solids, and loose powders. The Zetium spectrometer is built to meet the most demanding...
  • Article - 17 May 2005
    The major advantages of using aluminium are tied directly to its remarkable properties. This article looks at the properties of aluminium and aluminium alloys as well as production of and applications...