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  • Article - 17 Feb 2009
    ADMET has many years of experience in the material testing industry and this has shown the significance of equipping test machines with the exact tensile testing grips and fixtures.
  • Article - 10 Dec 2008
    Mechanical testing of large components is an important part of product development. Often specialized equipment with with long crosshead travel is required.
  • Article - 6 Sep 2008
    To meet the challenges posed in testing a wide diversity of materials, Lloyd Instruments offers a comprehensive range of high performance materials testing machines, designed to make accurate and...
  • Article - 24 Nov 2005
    In this paper, some nanomaterials with controlled size and shape are successfully synthesized under microwave-assisted solvothermal or biomolecule-assisted hydrothermal method. These results show that...
  • Article - 21 Jan 2002
    A comprehensive overview of tungsten including history, occurrence, deposits, supply, mining and benficiation, prising, processing, recycling, toxicity and applications.
  • Supplier Profile
    The CARBOLITE GERO brand is synonymous with high quality, leading heat technology in the design and manufacture of laboratory and industrial ovens and furnaces ranging from 30 °C to 3000 °C...
  • Article - 29 Oct 2018
    In this interview, Sreekanth MS, Global Product Manager for Level products, at ABB Measurement and Analytics talks to AZoM about how the magnetic level gauge solution which has the capability of...
  • Article - 30 May 2018
    The term drawn fiber originates from industry and is used to define monofilament that has been stretched, pulled, or drawn down after extrusion.
  • Article - 24 May 2018
    A quantum computer might be able to tackle computational problems that a classical computer can’t solve in practice. Such a device must fulfill certain criteria, such as the capability to initialize...
  • Article - 14 Sep 2017
    Sutures are filaments, fibers or thread-like materials used to hold a wound or tissue together. In surgical language, sutures are used for apposition – that is, the positioning (of tissue) side by...