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  • Article - 10 Jan 2003
    Chromated copper arsenate is a chemical used to treat timber. It protects them from the deleterious effects of insects, fungi etc to help preserve their properties. How the timber is treated, uses of...
  • Article - 4 Sep 2001
    Rigid parts of low weight possible, i.e. for the same rigidity, a foam of half the density of a solid needs only a 25% greater wall thickness.
  • Article - 11 Mar 2011
    Nopatech from Saguenay Foundry is a revolutionary sand moulding technology. Nopatech™ gives you complete freedom in your casting purchases. Moulds without patterns make rapid prototyping a breeze,...
  • Article - 18 Feb 2013
    Two wide redwood bridges, 36’L x3’W were rotting out and were replaced every two to five years that were not just expensive but highly inconvenient.
  • Article - 26 Jul 2018
    This article discusses how fiber reinforced polymers are the best for sustainability
  • Article - 13 Jul 2012
    Master Bond EP21ND-LO is an exceptionally versatile system that passes NASA low outgassing specifications as per ASTM E595.
  • Article - 27 Mar 2002
    The need and logistics for recycling of plastics is looked at. Cost, complexity, suitability, uses for recycled materials, collection, contaminants and their effects are all covered.
  • Article - 26 Mar 2002
    The use of plastics and rubbers in building is increasing. Some applications such as pipes and gutters, roofing, cladding panels, anti-vibration mounts, sound insulation, thermal insulation and window...
  • Article - 7 Sep 2001
    Electron beam curing is a viable and advantageous alternative to thermal curing for polymer matrix composites. Although it requires special materials it is faster, cheaper, can be used on thicker...
  • Article - 1 Jun 2001
    Polystyrene can be made into products with wood-like properties and appearance. These materials have potential application in building in areas such as flooring, cladding, and window and door frames.