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    With over thirty years experience in the production and development of advanced technical ceramics, International Syalons are experts in the field. We are the UK's leading manufacturer of sialon...
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    Since 1947, Insaco has been synonymous with excellence in the development and production of high precision machined parts. As a custom fabricator of ceramic, glass, sapphire, and other hard materials,...
  • Article - 23 Oct 2017
    International Syalons supply partially stabilized zirconia 3Y-PSZ. This article outlines the properties and applications of PSZ.
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    Superior Technical Ceramics -- your partner in the design and manufacture of your most exacting technical ceramic needs. We put our 113 years of engineering and ceramic manufacturing experience...
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    Goodfellow supplies metals, ceramics and other materials to meet the research, development and specialist production requirements of science and industry worldwide. The Goodfellow group consists of...
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    McDanel Advanced Ceramic Technologies LLC is a leading manufacturer of high quality advanced ceramics supplying major heat-using industries worldwide for over 80 years. Products include...
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    Nexceris, LLC develops innovative products for energy and environmental markets.  Our teams have created a range of products for advanced energy generation, environmental catalysis, corrosion...
  • Article - 6 Dec 2007
    Find out what the coefficient of thermal expansion is and why it is an important property for sialon ceramics.
  • Article - 11 Dec 2008
    Zircalon is a grade of partially stabilised zirconia, PSZ(ZrO2). Zircalon is used in applications typically in the metal forming industry.
  • Article - 3 Mar 2006
    Zirconia is known as being both hard & fracture-tough at room temperature, and its fine grain size enables excellent surface finishes.