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Using Circular Dichroism to Quantitatively Compare the Higher Order Structure of Protein Biologics

Circular dichroism is an important spectroscopic tool for evaluating secondary and tertiary structures of proteins. It is routinely applied in biologics development to elucidate structural characteristics of protein biologics, to evaluate the impact of processing and storage conditions on product quality, to assess comparability of a protein product before and after manufacturing changes, and to evaluate structural similarity between biosimilars and their reference products.

Traditionally, the comparison of one spectrum to another has been conducted visually. Even with significant analyst training and experience, visual inspection of spectra is inherently subjective, and any determination of similarity based on visual analysis of spectra is fundamentally arbitrary. This webinar will discuss the application of circular dichroism for elucidating and comparing protein higher order structure during biologics development with an emphasis on analytical similarity studies. Then we webinar will present specific instrumentation features that improve circular dichroism spectral quality, making the technique suitable for purposes of analytical similarity assessments. Finally, the webinar will conclude by presenting a general methodology for evaluating the suitability of quantitative spectral similarity approaches compared to visual evaluation of spectral similarity.


John P. Gabrielson, Ph.D., Vice President, Analytical Sciences and Site Head, Elion Labs, a division of KBI Biopharma, Inc.

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