Innovative Characterization of Milk Coagulation - Free Workshop

Dairy products are an increasing research field due to new types of products with high protein content and new textures. For a faster and better development, new characterization methods are needed. This workshop will show how milk gelation (yogurt and cheese) characterization can be simple, accurate and innovative.


Roland RAMSCH - Product specialist at Formulaction (Toulouse, France) will introduce innovative characterization methods for food products with a case study with set-type yogurts and the correlation of sensorial panel test results with the RHEOLASER MASTER results will be shown.

Hélène Tormo - Professor at Engineering School INP Purpan (Toulouse, France) will present work of its dairy based workgroup. The research is based on the different aspects of dairy product manufacturing, such as the impact of proteins, peptides, the characterization of innovative starters for new dairy products.

Rodolphe Leroux - Dairy Protein Scientist at Ingredia (Arras, France) will present a testimonial on how to use the Rheolaser Master in different protein characterizations. On top of their high nutritional value, milk proteins provide a wide range of texturizing solutions to the food industry. Since 2015, the INGREDIA R&D team is operating and conducting studies by using the Rheolaser Master. This equipment allows us to measure the gelling properties of our proteins. We will share through this WORKSHOP, our experience in using the Rheolaser Master to perform our scientific experiment protocols, the tests conducted and its results.

Per Nyegaard Andersen - Senior Research Technician at Arla Innovation Center, (Skejby, Denmark) will present the work related to “Characterization of coagulation properties of milk”. It was done in a collaboration with Aarhus University, Food Technology and Arla Foods Amba. The goal was to find a successor of the existing multi-channel instrument ReoRox G2. To validate the Rheolaser Master it was benchmarked towards fundamental rheology measurements.

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