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Liquid and Solid Level Monitoring with the PulStar® Loop-95 2-Wire

The MassaSonic® PulStar® Loop-95 Ultrasonic Sensor from Massa is chemical resistant and built for operation in 4-20 mA loop power systems. It offers constant non-contact level or distance measurement for solids or liquids. The Loop-95 provides precise operation and rapid 1 second sampling rate at application ranges from 8” (200 mm) to 20’ (6 m).

The PulStar® Loop-95 works in 4-20 mA loop powered systems on 12 to 36 VDC and is engineered with a transducer that projects a high power, narrow 8° total beam for ideal performance in limited space set-ups and a range of target material conditions. For applications such as tank level monitoring, general process control, solid material bins and pile inventory, and sump level detection, this level transmitter delivers an outstanding performance/price value.

Massa’s new PulStar® Loop-95 is an all PVDF design, both housing and transducer, for ideal performance in tough environments. Providing IP67 level dust and liquid ingress protection, it is ideal for transformer vaults, outdoor use, and several general use process applications found in wastewater treatment facilities and factories. Completely temperature compensated to offer accurate measurements from -30 °C to 65 °C, the Loop-95 is a sturdy ultrasonic transmitter.

The PulStar® Loop-95 is field-established reliable and has been deployed worldwide on a variety of base and acid chemical tank monitoring applications and with agricultural/fertilizers. Monitoring water tanks and chemicals for water treatment is not tough for this sensor with wide-ranging capabilities. Installation mounting is not complicated with the sensors 2” (50 mm) NPS fitting and easy programmability and regular cable gland connection.

Key Features

  • Fully programmable and easy installation
  • Two-wire 4-20 mA sensor
  • Rapid 1 second sampling rate
  • PVDF housing and PVDF transducer
  • Temperature compensated for accuracy
  • Reliable, mid-range measurement range for several applications
  • Quick power up start-up time


  • Solid and liquid level monitoring
  • General use process control
  • Tanks, wet wells, sumps, and solids bins
  • Object detection

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