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Industries that have embraced these new video capture and non-contact extensometer technologies include the metals, plastics, automotive, medical and textile industries
Using MOCVD to manufacture LEDs requires expensive sapphire substrates, whereas the BluGlass RPCVD process utilizes cheaper glass substrates. This combines with other lower cost input materials results in a cost saving of around 50%.
In this podcast interview Cameron Chai speaks to Francis Massin, CEO of Nanocyl who tells us of their plans to become the largest carbon nanotube producer in the world as well as their commercially ready carbon nanotube-based products.
We all recognise the outstanding beauty and value of gold. Yet it is easy to overlook the important role for gold arising from its unique technical properties. Gold, like other important industrial metals, has many unique physical and chemical attributes that mean it is the best, indeed the only, material for certain industrial applications. The exciting podcast helps to explain how the technical properties of gold are being exploited for new, leading-edge technologies like industrial catalysts, optical materials, nanotechnology and biomedical applications, including possible new anti-cancer drugs.
While Strem are a chemicals company they are constantly developing technologies of their own. In addition to this they are in close contact with academic and industrial researchers and coming across new technologies and processes all the time. As such Strem offer the ideal vehicle for linking up those with new technologies, with those in need of it so that new products can reach commercialization as quickly as possible.