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The American Ceramic Society

The American Ceramic Society
600 N. Cleveland Avenue, Ste. 210
Ohio, 43082
United States
PH: 1 (866) 7213322
Fax: 1 (301) 2069789
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Company Background

For more than the last century, The American Ceramic Society (ACerS) has served the informational, educational, and professional needs of the international ceramics community, and is poised to serve the growing needs of the materials science & engineering community. The Society's more than 9,500 members comprise a wide variety of individuals and interest groups that include engineers, scientists, researchers, manufacturers, plant personnel, educators, students, marketing and sales professionals, and others in related materials disciplines. ACerS provides members and subscribers in more than 70 countries with access to periodicals and books, meetings and expositions, and online technical information.

Divisions of the American Ceramic Society

Members participate and receive information at the national level through a structure of Divisions. ACerS is comprised of 10 divisions, which address all disciplines in technical ceramics. Members may select affiliation with the divisions listed below.

  • Art: Concentrates on the design and decoration of consumer ceramic products such as dinnerware, tile, glass, and ceramic art. 2007 Chair: Arun Wagh
  • Basic Science: Focuses on the basic properties of materials. Researchers concerned with the chemistry and physics of ceramic materials examine processing techniques, behavior, performance, and failure mechanisms.  Chair: Keith Bowman
  • Cements: Involved with the research, development, manufacturing and sale of cements, limes, and plasters. Chair: Florence Sanchez
  • Electronics: Deals with capacitors, superconductors, varistors, electronic packages, sensors, semiconductors and other electronic devices. Applications include components for microcomputers, communication satellites, recording heads, microwaves, automotive control systems, lasers, and fuel cells. Chair: Paul Clem
  • Engineering Ceramics: Examines advanced ceramics such as coatings and structural ceramics that are of monolithic or composite composition. Division members also are concerned with the application of advanced ceramics in fields as diverse as automotive components, bioceramics, aerospace, armor, and commercial products. Chair: Jonathan Salem
  • Glass & Optical Materials: Focuses on the scientific research and development, application and manufacture of all types of glasses, including fiber optics, the encapsulation of nuclear and hazardous wastes in glasses, the interaction of glass and ceramics in biosystems, and super high-strength glass. Chair: Mark Davis
  • Nuclear & Environmental Technology: Explores applications of nuclear ceramics in energy production and medicine. Current uses of ceramics in this field include fuel and absorber materials for fission reactors as isotopic heat sources and for safe encapsulation of nuclear and hazardous waste materials. Chair: Allen Apblett
  • Refractory Ceramics: Examines the science, production and application of ceramics for use at elevated temperatures and in other hostile environments. Members are involved in materials development, formulation, production, and engineering of refractories for the iron, steel, aluminum, and other nonferrous metals industries as well as the minerals processing, glass, cement, and petrochemical industries. Chair: James Hemrick
  • Structural Clay Products: Emphasizes the most efficient and economical ways to manufacture brick, pipe, red-body tile, and other structural clay products. Chair: Kevin Ham
  • Whitewares and Materials: Concentrates on finding ways to improve the production of whiteware products and the production and processing of minerals, materials, and additives used in manufacturing ceramic products.

Advantages of Membership

Joining forces with the 9,500 members of The American Ceramic Society (ACerS) can take you to the top of your game. You may have heard the statement, "It's not what you know, but who you know." Our mission is to help you with both. We'll help you expand your knowledge and establish important professional relationships.

ACerS serves the informational, educational, and professional needs of the international ceramics community. The members comprise a wide variety of individuals and interest groups including engineers, scientists, researchers, manufacturers, plant personnel, educators, students, marketing and sales professionals, and others in related materials disciplines.

ACerS is the gateway through which these diverse groups interact, exchange information, influence legislation, and develop tomorrow's technologies. We provide our members the tools to do business. We invite you to invest in your career by becoming a member of the Society.

Members participate and receive information through a structure of divisions, sections, and classes of the Society. Divisions segment the ceramic and materials field by industry category, sections by local geographic areas, and classes serve a specific purpose within the ceramics community.

Benefits of Individual Membership

  • Free Online Access to the Journal of the American Ceramic Society, the International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology, and the International Journal of Applied Glass Science. All Society members have free online access to these highly respected, peer reviewed journals. Access these authoritative journals via the web anytime, anywhere, at no cost.
  • Free Bulletin (print & online): The most widely read publication in the ceramics field, ACerS' monthly membership magazine keeps you on the cutting edge of technology and on top of the global ceramics marketplace.
  • ceramicSOURCE (print & online): Featuring more than 2,600 listings of ceramic products, materials, equipment, and services, this online company directory and buyer's guide is also published in the December issue of the Bulletin.
  • Unlimited access to ACerS members-only content with free articles, blogs and forums on current topics and industry news.
  • Free newsletters (Ceramic Tech Today & InFocus) alerting you to new technologies, corporate information and videos on uncharted territories and breakthroughs in ceramic materials.
  • Membership Directory (online only): This important networking tool allows you to make contact with more than 9,500 industry colleagues and allows them to contact you.
  • Reduced rates on ACerS publications, authoritative technical publication in ceramics: ACerS journals, Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings, Ceramic Transactions, and authored publications that pass a stringent peer review process.
  • Employment Services: Let ACerS help you find a job! Our services include Online Job Posting Bulletin Board and ACerS'
  • Discounted Registration at ACerS Meetings: Participate in the leading forum for ceramic information exchange. Meetings range in size from 100 to 3,000 attendees and offer blends of technical sessions, expositions, and networking opportunities.
  • Resource Center: Provides the information you need--all just a click away.
  • Local Section Meetings, Special Events & Plant Tours: Establish local, social and professional contacts at regional sections of the Society across the United States.
  • And so much more.

Review all the benefits of ACerS membership!