Nanonics Imaging Ltd.

Nanonics Imaging Ltd.
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Har Hotzvim
Jerusalem, 97775
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Primary Activity

Material Manufacturer

Company Background


Nanonics Imaging is the premier innovator of AFM and NSOM systems in the SPM market. Since its inception in 1997 and throughout the last fifteen years Nanonics have introduced to the SPM market new concepts in system functionality which in turn have supported the pursuit of new areas of scientific application. Nanonics contributions span from our revolutionary approach to NSOM imaging with cantilevered NSOM probes, to our introduction of dual tip/sample scanning AFM systems; and from our introduction of the first ever NSOM/AFM cryogenic systems to the first ever, Raman/AFM, Multiprobe AFM and SEM/AFM systems.

Nanonics innovation is directed towards a central focus and view of the world of SPM instrumentation. Nanonics view the integration and combination of SPM technology with other complimentary microscopy techniques, as being of central importance in unlocking the tremendous potential of SPM imaging as a defining nanotechnology imaging platform.

One of our pillars of strength as a commercial enterprise is our strong patent portfolio. Nanonics own the central IP to the largest range of unique nanoprobes, from the industry leading glass cantilevered NSOM probes to thermal and electrical probes. These optically exposed probes together with our patented 3D Flat Scanning technology provide all our systems with a free optical x axis - this is the foundation of our integration between AFM techniques with other microscopy disciplines.

Nanonics strive to provide our customers with the added value of a premier scientific service together with our industry leading systems. From the time of system installation, Nanonics differentiates its service from our competitors by providing highly qualified scientific personnel for system installation. From the very outset at the installation our customers benefit by getting expert advice on SPM techniques related to the customers specific area of research. This one-to-one dialogue with our customers continues throughout the customers use of their system. The extensive list of Nanonics customers whose research has reached publication in the major literature is fitting testimony to the complete solution of SPM systems and scientific support that we provide.