Maritime Stress Contracting Limited

30 Estates Road, P.O. Box 2898
NS, B2W 4Y2
PH: +1 (902) 468-7873
Fax: +1 (902) 468-2304
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Primary Activity

Supplier of Heat Treatment Consoles, Recorders & Accessories, Heat Treatment Controllers, Heat Treatment Console/Controller Spares/Parts, Ceramic Pad Heaters & Accessories, Thermocouple Welding Units, Banding Equipment & Accessories, Customized Gas Furnaces, Cable & Heater Connectors, Temperature Measurement and Thermocouple Calibrator

Company Background

Maritime Stress Contracting Limited is an ISO 9001 registered company, has been serving the pre-heat and post weld heat treatment onshore and offshore sector. Maritime Stress rents, manufactures and sells pre-heat and post weld treatment equipment such as: six zone heat treatment consoles, flexible ceramic pad heaters, secondary cables, splitters, digital temperature recorders, thermocouple attachment units, etc.