Aluminum Zirconium (AlZr) Master Alloy

Zirconium is a specified minor addition to a number of high strength wrought aluminum alloys in the international standard AA 7000 series. Zirconium also features in overhead conductor cable alloys exposed to high temperature environments and in certain specialty casting alloys.

The presence of zirconium in aluminum alloys:

  • inhibits recrystallization and grain growth at elevated temperatures
  • enhances weldability by resisting grain coarsening in the heat
  • sensitive zones close to welded joints
  • reduces susceptibility to stress corrosion
  • reduces sensitivity to quenching rate from solution temperatures


The following table lists the composition of different types of aluminum zirconium alloys:

Alloy Composition CEN-spec AA-spec Colour code
AlZr5 5% Zr balance Al AM-94000 - dark blue
AlZr6 6% Zr balance Al - H2606 dark blue
AlZr10 10% Zr balance Al AM-94002 H2600 2x dark blue


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