Synthetic Diamond Solutions in the Oil and Gas Industry

As one of the world's leading supermaterials companies, Element Six's unique in-house capabilities are transforming tool performance and reliability across even the most challenging Oil & Gas environments.

From Factory…

From design to manufacturing, Element Six PDC cutters are the only ones created in-house throughout the entire process. Element Six has multiple advanced manufacturing sites globally, including a facility in Burghaun, Germany specializing in tungsten carbide.

…To Field

Element Six has a committed Oil and Gas team, who work closely with customers to analyze how their products behave in the field. Their industry-leading understanding is thanks to extensive laboratory application tests and in-field performance analysis, which provide information on the relationship between materials microstructure, design and tool performance.

The Only Company Providing Cutters with PCD Table Thicknesses >3.0 mm

Element Six pioneered the provision of cutters with thick diamond tables, and continue to be the only company who can offer cutters with PCD table thicknesses >3.0 mm for optimum impact resistance. The corrosion and erosion-resistant substrates eradicate material loss in even the toughest of drilling environments.

Synthetic Diamond Thermal Detectors that can Withstand Harsh Environments

The environment of downhole drilling is extremely severe. The temperature limits for conventional materials (of 150-200 °C) are often exceeded, and abrasive or corrosive fluids can be used during drilling. Element Six can create detectors which are resilient, even within these harsh environments.

Synthetic Diamond Solutions Extend the Life of Critical Components

Element Six can provide individual and customized solutions, like PCD rotors and stators, thanks to their ability to manufacture PCD disks up to 74 mm in diameter. The inevitable wear of conventional tungsten carbide products leads to expensive maintenance and eventually repairs. Synthetic diamond solutions extend the lifespan of such critical components, which lessens the overall costs involved with ownership.

The Harshest Drilling Conditions Require the Hardest Material

Element Six offers a wide range of synthetic diamond solutions, which include synthetic diamond grits, shaped diamond inserts and chisel and gage cutters.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Element Six.

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