Exploring Mobile Air Monitoring Labs for Effective Air Quality Monitoring

TOFWERK mobile labs enable the thorough measurement of a wide range of VOCs and VICs in real-time, simultaneously, from any location.

Comprehensively measure a wide variety of VOCs and VICs in real time, simultaneously, from anywhere

Comprehensively measure various VOCs and VICs in real-time, simultaneously, from anywhere. Image Credit: TOFWERK

In January 2023, TOFWERK delivered a mobile laboratory to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). Alongside this mobile lab, TOFWERK has constructed and operated similar monitoring facilities along the perimeters worldwide, including in China and Europe.

Vocus mass spectrometers' exceptional gas measurement capabilities position them as the perfect solution for various air measurement needs. Considering both performance and compact size, Vocus is rapidly gaining recognition in mobile lab applications.


  • Sturdy, responsive, quick, mobile analysis of trace gases, covering VOCs and VICs
  • Self-sustaining power system for uninterrupted operation without the need for shoreline power
  • Integration of numerous sensors into a universal data flow
  • Comprehensive workspace for on-site operations, including a cockpit, workstation, gas cylinder storage, tools, and cabinets

Using Vocus mobile air monitoring labs, scientists and regulators can ensure they are suitably prepared for emissions monitoring campaigns.

Mobile lab cockpit for observing real time data stream infield

Mobile lab cockpit for observing real time data stream infield. Image Credit: TOFWERK

Traditional fenceline monitoring systems must catch up in speed, sensitivity, and capability to measure various compounds. With its rapid speed and heightened sensitivity, Vocus measures a broad spectrum of VOCs and VICs.

It tracks known hazardous compounds in real-time while concurrently measuring thousands of other compounds, many of which can pose hazards. Specialized software simplifies the amalgamation of data from multiple sensors into a single visual representation and data file.

Compound Coverage and Lab Specifications


. .
Select List of Monitored Compounds (Typical pptV LOD 1 minute) HCN
Formic Acid
Nitric Acid
Power (4) 400 AH lithium batteries. Three hours independent run time possible (minimum, including AC).
More than 10 hours of independent run time without AC. No generator is required.
(2) 3500-watt pure sine inverter/charger to provide 2 separate 120 V circuits
Additional 400 W total solar panels with circuit breaker.
Dedicated outlets for all instruments. Sufficient power beyond instruments and HVAC to provide 1800 W for inlet heaters, laptops, future additional analyzers, etc.
HVAC 13.5 BTU fan roof-mounted air conditioner. Insulated walls with birch liner.
Racks Structural mounts for 2 Vocus mass spectrometers (shock-absorbing) and Picarro monitor.
2 working desks with electrical lift; overhead cabinet; gas cylinder.
Sampling of
Outside Air
Three anodized aluminum interior->exterior ports for sampling inlets, weather station, instrument exhaust.
Aluminum flat-bed roof system with ladder.
Teflon inlet with additional pumping, and temperature regulation.
Integrated H2S
Data Stream
Picarro model G2204 combined CH4 and H2S analyzer with associated consumables and support relevant for mobile lab (LOD 3 ppb).
Met Data, GPS Gill MaxiMet GMX500.
Data processing and upload TOFWERK Tweb and Vocus Mobile software.
Training and Support Provided by technical staff from TOFWERK USA’s Boulder, Colorado facility (1 hour from CDPHE Aurora location).
2-year warranty Provided with scope specified by CDPHE.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by TOFWERK.

For more information on this source, please visit TOFWERK.


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