Polyamide 6/6 - Nylon 6/6 - PA 6/6

Polymer Type



Good abrasion resistance when compared to Nylon 6. Strongest aliphatic Nylon.  Addition of glass fibre improves stiffness considerably (unlike acetal).  Better low temperature toughness than Acetal or PBT or Nylon 6.  Good fatigue resistance.


Relatively difficult to process due to exceptionally low melt viscosity.  High water absorption (8% saturated) though less than PA6.  Post mould shrinkage.  Weathering can cause colour change and embrittlement unless suitably stabilised.


Gears, bearings, cams, nuts, bolts, rivets, castors, wheels, power tool casings, rotationally moulded petrol tanks.  Under bonnet applications including rocker box covers, radiator tops, timing chain covers and fan blades.

NOTE: The choice between Nylon 6/6 and Nylon 6 is often made for reasons of availability, price or familiarity rather than any technical superiority.  The exception to this is ease of moulding, where Nylon 6 dominates.

Typical Properties

Property Value
Density (g/cm3) 1.14
Surface Hardness RR90
Tensile Strength (MPa) 59
Flexural Modulus (GPa) 1.2
Notched Izod (kJ/m) 0.11
Linear Expansion (/°C x 10-5) 8
Elongation at Break (%) 60
Strain at Yield (%) 4.5
Max. Operating Temp. (°C) 80
Water Absorption (%) 1.2
Oxygen Index (%) 22
Flammability UL94 HB
Volume Resistivity (log ohm.cm) 15
Dielectric Strength (MV/m) 25
Dissipation Factor 1 kHz 0.2
Dielectric Constant 1 kHz 8
HDT @ 0.45 MPa (°C) 200
HDT @ 1.80 MPa (°C) 100
Material. Drying hrs @ (°C) 3 @ 95
Melting Temp. Range (°C) 280 - 300
Mould Shrinkage (%) 1.5
Mould Temp. Range (°C) 40 - 80

Source : Abstracted from Plascams

For more information on Plascams please visit RAPRA Technology Ltd.



  1. Fran Sippel Fran Sippel United States says:

    Will Nylon 6/6 meet UL498, UL94 and  -2-40 std.

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