High Resolution SH-21 Portable Hardness Tester from Micro Photonics

The Handy Hardness Tester model SH-21 differs completely from traditional hardness testers. Instead of measuring the size of the indentation of the test sample using a microscope, it uses a diamond indenter equipped with a vibrating rod that presses on the test surface at a fixed load and then measures its hardness by applying ultrasonic vibrations and analyzing its damping effect. The technique is very reproducible which makes the SH21 a perfect tool for on-site measurements as for example maintenance of large scale structures, vehicles, ships, steel towers, bridges, aviation aircraft. It is ideal for inspection of difficult to get area such as crank shaft metal casts, gears and grooved area.

Features of the SH-21

  • Quick measurement (few seconds)
  • Best repeatability and precision portable unit
  • Direct reading of hardness
  • Easy to use hand held probe can be quickly applied to a variety of surfaces from any direction.
  • Easy to use - no prior experience of hardness measurement techniques required
  • Built in memory for data and calibration points
  • Measures Vickers, Rockwell, Brinell and Shore scales
  • Interchangeable probes for use with different surface profiles - pipes - concave surfaces, gears valves etc.
  • Portable works with NiCd battery

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