Hung Ta Melt Index Tester

The Melt Index Tester available from Hung Ta is a quality and durable apparatus, which can be used for calculating the extrusion rate of PVC, TPRs, TPEs and other molten thermoplastic materials, as outlined in ASTM D1238 “Standard Test Method for Melt Flow Rates of Thermoplastics by Extrusion Plastometer”. In addition, the apparatus is utilized for preparing specimens in accordance to ASTM D2839 “Standard Practice for Use of a Melt Index Strand for Determining Density of Polyethylene” for use in ASTM D1505 standard.

The Melt Index refers to the measurement of the extrusion rate of molten thermoplastic resins via a die of a particular diameter and length under approved conditions of load, temperature, and piston position in the barrel over a definite time interval.


The specifications of the Melt Index Tester are provided in the table below:

Thermometer Hg in glass; 190 ± 1ºC
Load 2.16 kg (4.763 lb.)
PID Controller Ambient - 3000C
Timer Digital, 30 min
Accuracy ± 0.20C
Power 220 V AC, 1 PH
Approximate Pressure 298.2 kPa (43.25 psi)
Weight 55 kg (121.3 lb.)
Dimensions 350x500x700 mm (13.8x19.7x27.6 inch)


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