Zeta™-20–Multi-mode 3D Optical Profiler for Analyzing Sample Surface Features

The Zeta™-20 enables analysis and imaging of surface characteristics on all kinds of samples, namely low reflectivity to high reflectivity, smooth to rough, and transparent to opaque based on the proprietary ZDot™ technology. The tool can be used to either manually capture measurements at selected locations, or used as an automated system that captures measurements at multiple locations across a surface.

Zeta™-20–Multi-mode 3D Optical Profiler for Analyzing Sample Surface Features

Zeta-20 3D measurement of microneedles topography. Image Credit: KLA Instruments.

The Zeta-20 can be customized for specialized measurement requirements using many software and hardware options. Hardware installation is simple, and the software features are designed for ease-of-use.

Key Features

Measurement features of the Zeta-20 include the following:

  • ZDot™ structured illumination 3D imaging is the standard measurement technique used on KLA Instruments Zeta optical profilers. ZDot technology, combined with KLA’s transmissive and dark field illumination schemes as well a range of objectives, allows the instrument to handle very challenging surfaces.
  • Thin film thickness measurement option measures film thickness using ZFT reflectometry principles.
  • ZSI shearing interferometer provides Angstrom-level vertical resolution.
  • PSI phase shifting interferometry offers improved interference contrast imaging, ideal for nanometer-level surface heights and roughness
  • VSI vertical scanning interferometry is measures thin and thick features over a large field of view

User Testimonials

We tried using our interferometer to profile an important transparent sample with low-contrast topopgraphy, but were unable to focus. With the Zeta-20 optical profiler, we were able to completely characterize the sample in a few minutes.

Dr. Antonio J. López, King Juan Carlos University Móstoles, Spain


We use our Zeta-20 nearly every day and rely on it for quick measurements and sample characterization. It suits our needs perfectly. We were especially impressed by KLA's willingness to customize. We had a unique need, and they jumped at the opportunity to make it work for us. We've also been impressed by the level of customer service we've received.

Rebecca Krone Kramer, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Purdue University, USA


Zeta-20 3D metrology for solar applications.

Zeta-20 3D metrology for solar applications.

Image credit: KLA Instruments.


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