MicroCure 2100 Variable Frequency Microwave Curing Oven from Lambda Technologies

The Lambda Technologies MicroCure 2100 is designed around the unique Variable Frequency Microwave process technique for the selective, rapid, and uniform procesing of materials.

VFM processing has several specific advantages over other technologies:

  • Rapid and selective heating when compared to conventional ovens
  • Uniform energy distribution
  • Precise Process cycle control
  • Rapid sweep over controlled bandwidth allows processing of electronics packaging assemblies without arcing and circuit damage

System operating features include:

  • Automated cycle control and data acquisition
  • Pre-set process parameters, programmable for product type and quantity
  • User-defined profiling event cycles
  • Characterization routines for materials/process optimization
  • IR Temp Monitoring System for closed loop feed back
  • Auto Ramp Software for Ramp Rate Control Accessories and Options
  • 4 channel Fiber Optic Temp monitoring
  • Cavity exhaust systems
  • Microwave compatible specialized carriers and fixtures


  • Industrial bonding/processing
  • Flip chip
  • COB (Chip On Board)
  • MCM assembly
  • Semiconductors
  • Fiber Optics Component Assembly
  • Structural Bonding
  • Smart Cards/RFID Tag

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