Poly (Cyclohexene Propylene Carbonate) – QPAC® 100

Poly (cyclohexene propylene carbonate) is a solid polymer. It is an amorphous, clear, readily processible plastic possessing long term mechanical stability.

Technical Name Poly (cyclohexene propylene carbonate)

Chemical Structure

Chemical Structure of Poly (cyclohexene propylene carbonate)

Image Credit: Empower Materials

Molecular Weight Available Approximately 150,000 - 200,000


  • Binder applications for metal, ceramics or glass powders
  • Decomposable channel former
  • Pore former

Typical Physical Properties

Property Value
Density (g/cm3) 1.04
Decomposition Temperature (°C) 250 (onset estimate)
Glass Transition Temperature (°C) 90-100
Solubility Upon request


Product Delivery Form It is available as a film, granulate or in solution form.


  • Upon decomposition, QPAC®100 leaves less than 10 ppm ash residue, resulting in outstanding mechanical and/or electrical properties
  • Low temperature decomposition is exceptional for thermal sensitive materials and is more efficient than other binders
  • QPAC®100 has a higher Tg than QPAC®25 and QPAC®40 offering more stability at higher temperatures
  • Decomposition can occur in a wide range of atmospheres including oxygen, air, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen and vacuum



Image Credit: Empower Materials

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