Using Cetex Reinforced Thermoplastic Laminates for Advanced Composite Applications

TenCate is the well-known leader globally in the field of designing and producing fiber-reinforced thermoplastic laminates for a wide array of advanced intricate uses.

TenCate Cetex® RTL solutions, also referred to as organo sheets, are offered in a varied choice of customizable combinations of resin/fiber to make the best use of the performance of your machinery.  Produced in their aerospace-compliant and capable presses, and inspected by NDT to promise structural reliability, TenCate Cetex® is provided to you as a flat, mechanical multi-ply sheet, ready for rapid production of thermoformed components.

The practical advantages of our Cetex® RTLs consist of ply count, fiber specifications, protection from lightning, fiber/fabric orientation, galvanic erosion, and assimilated color and surface properties.

Why reinforced thermoplastic laminates?

Lightning strike integration

TenCate Cetex® thermoplastic laminates are provided with a fine bronze woven mesh integrated with the surface for protection from lightweight lightning strikes in aircraft components. This characteristic is proven, and is in use in Boeing and Airbus aircrafts.


Optimization of outer appearance is favorable to aesthetic appeal and for promotion of adhesion. TenCate Cetex® RTLs are offered with a range of surface finishes, from smooth to anti-slip grain properties.

Sandwich panels

Greater moisture resistance and power performance make TenCate Cetex® thermoplastic laminates the perfect choice for sandwich panels. Cetex® laminate sandwich panels, due to their with outstanding FST performance, are well matched for high wear machineries like train and aircraft interiors.

Galvanic corrosion prevention

To prevent galvanic erosion, a barrier layer is mandatory between carbon-reinforced compunds and metals. TenCate Cetex® thermoplastic laminates are offered with a competent glass scrim, giving an electrically insulating layer and eradicating the need for additional processing.

Color options

TenCate Cetex® is capable of being pigmented to variety of colors to either decrease the volume of paint required to achieve visual superiority or totally eliminate the need of paint, thereby saving time and reducing the weight of structures.

Using Cetex Reinforced Thermoplastic Laminates for Advanced Composite Applications

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