OCT CCD Cameras from Teledyne e2v

The OCT CCD cameras have been around for almost 30 years, but recently the intense research activity and broadened use of OCT for medical practices have shown that the technology is lagging behind the applications. New uses for improved patient care such as functional imaging or large field of view imaging have exposed the slow fast A-scan rates of the cameras and shown that they aren’t up to the job.

Teledyne e2v Proprietary Sensor Technology

Teledyne e2v has been developing and manufacturing OCT CCD cameras for the last decade, supporting the transition from Time-Domain OCT to Spectral Domain OCT. They have now come up with OctoPlus, a solution to future generations of OCT that provides a dedicated camera platform using CMOS technology that speeds up image acquisition while also improving image quality.

OCT CCD Cameras from Teledyne e2v

Images captured using Wasatch Photonics Cobra S spectrometer
OCT Applications - Eye Care
OCT Applications - Endoscopy
OCT Applications - Cancer diagnosis
OCT Applications - Neurology
OCT Applications - Quality control

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