High Strength Material for Extreme Temperatures - Niobium C-103 Alloy

The niobium C-103 alloy with niobium-hafnium-titanium (Nb-10Hf-1Ti) from H.C. Starck Solutions meets challenging applications that require high strength materials to handle extreme temperatures. H.C. Starck Soutions’ niobium alloy can work at temperatures up to 2700 °F (1482 °C), mostly in high-performance rocket nozzle applications for space exploration. The niobium alloy can resist high-frequency vibrations at cryogenic temperatures, which occur in a number of satellite applications.

Niobium C-103 Alloy


  • Rockets
  • Satellites
  • Burst disks for wind tunnels
  • Orbital rocket chambers and nozzles
  • Jet engine afterburner liners
  • Reaction control nozzles for missiles


  • Readily weldable
  • Excellent fabricability
  • Capable of enduring high stresses at elevated temperatures
  • Formable after TIG welding
  • Low ductile-to-brittle transition temperature for cryogenic applications

Available Forms

H.C. Starck Soutions partners with customers to produce and machine components for aerospace, including build-to-print and design of niobium C103 alloy parts.

  • Bar and rod
  • Ingot and slab
  • Sheet and plate
  • Fabricated parts
  • Powder for Additive Manufacturing

H.C. Starck Soutions' C-103 niobium alloy meets AMS7852, ASTM B652, B654, B653, and AMS7857 specifications.

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