TG110 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge from NDT Systems, Inc.

The Nova TG110-DL defines the standard for performance and value in Ultrasonic Thickness Gages. It would be difficult, if not impossible to find a gage offering the long list of STANDARD features the TG110-DL does. For about the price of the competition's current fixed velocity, entry level Gage, NDT Systems is offering a fully loaded thickness gage.

The TG110DL offers fully adjustable velocity for perfect calibration. Most instruments in this price range offer you only a single velocity setting. Also, This is where most others stop & the TG110DL keeps going. Other features include single and dual point calibration capability, High & Low Alarms, High Speed Scan mode and an included time encoded 'B' Scan.

The TG110-DL is housed in a custom, all aluminum enclosure with gasketed ends. The case is designed for maximum comfort while offering the user maximum grip along the sides and back surfaces. Most other gages have smooth surfaces that once wet with couplant are difficult to hold.
The display is a full 128 x 64 pixels (1.96" x 1.25") and incorporates simple language text for all menus. This is an industry first at this price point. Try that on the usual 7 segment display unit.

Along with the 1/2" high primary numeric readout area an analog style "Scan" bar is located at the bottom of the screen and represents a visual indication of the current thickness. This is particularly useful while in the high speed scan mode. The eye can perceive these linear movements much easier than rolling digits making general thickness trend information easier to interpret.

Additionally, a graphic display permits logged data to be displayed in a grid fashion, much like a spreadsheet. The user can review the log by scrolling through the rows and columns much like a spreadsheet. Any value above or below a preset value will cause that cell to flash in the spread sheet view.

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