Raman Spectroscopy System - Virsa™ Raman Analyzer

Renishaw’s Virsa™ Raman Analyzer is a high-performance Raman spectroscopy system. It is designed to expand users’ spectroscopic analysis beyond the confines of the laboratory microscope to new samples and new environments.

The Virsa™ Raman Analyzer

Laboratory-Grade Raman Performance Wherever Users Need it

Renishaw has used its expertise in optical design and detector technologies to develop the Virsa™ Raman Analyzer. The system integrates the power of laboratory-grade Raman with the ease of a transportable unit.

Features and benefits of the Virsa™ Raman Analyzer are given below:

  • The analyzer accurately locates and focuses on the target using the optional motorized, encoded three-axis probe mount, as well as probes equipped with videos.
  • Fiber-optic probes enable flexible and remote sampling. Generous cabling of 5 m is standard, but other lengths are also available on request.
  • Rapid microscopic analysis is achieved through high spatial resolution probe options.
  • Dual laser wavelength options help eliminate fluorescence. Wavelengths of 785 and 532 nm can be used separately through the same objective lens with stacked probes or through individual probes.
  • The analyzer is regulated by Renishaw’s robust WiRE™ (Windows-based Raman Environment) software developed for Raman data acquisition and for specialized data processing and analysis

The Virsa™ Raman Analyzer is a versatile system with a modest footprint. It can be either mounted in an industry-standard 19″ rack or used on a bench. These options make it best suited for scientists who want to expand the use of Raman spectroscopy beyond conventional laboratory-based microscope systems.

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