Quantum Computing Control from Zurich Instruments

Zurich Instruments strives to support the advancement of quantum technologies, and with this commitment, the company has currently launched the first commercial Quantum Computer Control System (QCCS).

The following sections give an illustration of the complete quantum stacks and highlight some of its most relevant components.

Full Quantum Stack

The QCCS, which matches with the layer known as “Classical System Control, Software and Hardware,” guarantees consistent measurement and control of a quantum device while offering a clean software interface to the subsequent higher level in the quantum stack.


Image Credit: Zurich Instruments.

Zurich Instruments offers both software and hardware that allow scientists to upgrade their setups to a huge number of qubits and reduce complexity as much as possible. All featured instruments have a well-orchestrated interplay, providing Zurich Instruments’ customers a significant advantage and allowing them to connect high-level quantum algorithms with their physical qubit implementation.

Key Features of QCCS

  • A compact and extendable design: New channels can be integrated anytime
  • Hardware specifications that correspond to the application: High resolution, large bandwidth, and low noise
  • Productivity-boosting software: High-level quantum algorithms are efficiently linked to the analog signals from the quantum device through LabOne®
  • A thought-through and tested systems technique: Sophisticated orchestration and accurate synchronization of all output and input channels

Components of QCCS

  • The HDAWG Arbitrary Waveform Generator is a small 8-channel, high-density AWG perfect for qubit control
  • Up to 18 HDAWGs are synchronized and controlled by the Programmable Quantum System Controller (PQSC)
  • The UHFQA Quantum Analyzer reads out up to 10 qubits at the same time due to its advanced filter technology
  • The LabOne® control software is provided with APIs for C, .NET, Python, LabVIEW®, and MATLAB®.


Image Credit: Zurich Instruments.

Overview of QCCS

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