KAP301 Kapton wires

Allectra has introduced the new KAP301 range of exclusive radiation-resistant high-temperature Kapton insulated wires. These wires are an alternative for the 311-KAPM-RAD range and deliver higher voltages.

At present, they are available in the form of multistrand wires with diameters of 0.6 mm (301-KAPM-060), 0.35 mm (301-KAPM-035), and 0.25 mm (301-KAPM-025), as well as coaxial wires, twisted pair cables, and thermocouple wires, type K and N.

Diamond Light Source, UK has successfully tested these wires under an electron beam to examine their vacuum compatibility during radiation exposure and will now use them in vacuum.


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Vacuum UHV (<10-10 mbar)
Radiation resistance 109 Rad = 107 Gy
Temperature range 4 K...300 °C
Construction Wrapped Wire insulation, Kapton
Conductor Silver-plated copper, multistrand
0.25 mm: 7 x 0.08 mm ø (same for Coax)
0.35 mm: 7 x 0.12 mm ø
0.6 mm: 19 x 0.127 mm ø
0.25 mm: thermocouple wires
OD (Typical values) 0.25 mm conductor: 0.47 mm
0.35 mm conductor: 0.58 mm
0.6 mm conductor: 0.74 mm
0.9 mm coaxial 0.25 mm core wire
0.95 mm thermocouple wires (K/N)
Minimum bend radius 7.5 x diameter (long term)
Voltage rating 7.5 KV DC in vacuum
Disruptive voltage >14 KV DC


These cables are available on spools with 5 m/10 m/50 m/100 m, or custom lengths.

27 GHz SMA Feedthrough for UHV Applications

242-SMAD27G-C16 (and other flange sizes)

Allectra currently provides a double-sided SMA feedthrough that has an extended frequency range of up to 27 GHz for UHV. These “Super-SMA” versions are an economical substitute to the SMA-K or 2.92 mm types, if frequencies more than 27 GHz are not required. The stainless steel housing comes with gold-plated center contact. Up to four of these feedthroughs can be fixed to a DN40CF flange. The smallest mounting flange is 16 CF.


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Type Super-SMA with extended frequency range
Impedance 50 Ohm
Frequency range 0–27 GHz
Standing wave ratio (VSWR) Maximum of 1.25 at 27 GHz
Insertion loss typ. 0.15 x √f (GHz) db
Maximum voltage 500 V
Temperature -55 °C to 180 °C (CF flanges)
Vacuum leak rate <5 x 10-10 mbar l/second (He)
Materials Glass, Stainless Steel, BeCu, PTFE, FeNi
Plating Inner contact gold plated
Seal Welded all-metal seal

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