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Improving Reliability for Tough Applications with Element Six MasterGrade™

The Element Six MasterGrade™ GH* road milling bit is specially designed for tough applications where body wash is a problem.  The GH bit is manufactured to the same high quality standards that customers expect from Element Six. 

*Patent pending

The Element Six MasterGrade™ GH bit offers a larger tip designed to protect the body, resulting in reduced body wear, increased tool life and improved operating efficiency.

MasterGrade™ GH bits are equipped with: 

  • Element Six proprietary MasterGrade™ carbide
  • A wide carbide cap that protects the steel body
  • Full sleeve retainer developed for superior holding
  • Optimized hardened washer for improved holder and wear protection

About Element Six MasterGrade™

MasterGrade™ bits are equipped with the proprietary “Nano-technology” developed by Element Six to improve the cobalt binder matrix and enhance the toughness of the bit. These novel carbides lead to a multi-purpose bit that provides extended tool life, improved wear resistance, and enhanced operating efficiency.

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