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Sheaumann’s 2-Pin Laser Diode Modules

The 2-Pin module from Sheaumann Laser is passively cooled, hermetically sealed and electrically isolated.

The 2-Pin modules are a perfect solution for high power output in a small, lightweight package. They can perform both pulsed and continuous-wave operations.

Sheaumann’s proprietary design allows the diode to resist extreme vibration and temperature conditions, thus making it suitable for the defense, space and industrial markets. Wavelength emission range is 780 to 1070 nm. A variety of fiber-coupled options are also available

Wavelength Emission Range 780–1070 nm


SP. Image Credit: Sheaumann Laser, Inc.

Table 1. Source: Sheaumann Laser, Inc.

Category Specifications
Dimensions 12.7 mm L x 12.7 mm W x 4.7 mm H
Multimode Power Up to 7 W
Emitter Options 50/125-105/125-200/220 μm


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