AUTOsample-100 for Use with 100 MHz Benchtop NMR Spectrometer

This top mounting autosampler from Nanalysis Scientific Corp is compatible with the 100 MHz benchtop NMR spectrometer.

Effortless mounting and rapid interconversion between autosampler and manual modes are possible while retaining a low footprint. Two carousels with 25 tubes per carousel are available. Data acquisition and processing have been regulated through the onboard software.

The AUTOsample-100 enables users to:

  • Optimize efficiency by enhancing throughput during or after work hours
  • It is possible to run a series of 1D experiments or set up fundamental structural elucidation routines (for example, 1H, HSQC, COSY, DEPT-135, 13C{1H} etc.)
  • Combine the NMReady-flow into a centralized laboratory system
  • Obtain and save data in an automatic manner
The New AUTOsample-100

Video Credit: Nanalysis Corp.

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