Podcasts | MRS Fall 2007 Boston

MRS Fall 2007 Boston Podcasts

MRS Fall 2007 Boston Podcasts

SURREY NANOSYSTEMS, Duncan Cooper, Director of Sales and Marketing

The Nanogrowth Catalyst, which will be launched in a few months time will be able to grow carbon nanotubes at low temperatures, compatible with CMOS devices. This makes carbon nanotubes a reality for CMOS processing which is the standard semiconductor production process.

NANOINK, Tom Levesque, Vice President of DPN Business

The NScriptor from Nanoink has a 2-dimensional array containing 55,000 cantilevers in a 1cm2 area, which addresses the scalability of this technology.

MRS IMRC 2008, Professor Eric Garfunkel, Rutgers University

Having identified China as an important part of the materials community the US MRS are collaborating with the Chinese MRS to organise a joint meeting to encourage collaborations and establishment of new trade relationships.

PIEZOSYSTEM JENA, Peter Viglas, Sales Engineer

Piezosystem Jena can build nanopositioners with one to 5 axis translation stages for any application that requires fast, very precise, very accurate motion.

PHYSIK INSTRUMENTE, Scott Jordan, Director of Nanoautomation Technologies

"At the MRS Meeting, Physik Instrumente are introducing a family of piezo-based mechanisms which in stead of using a stack-like actuation, use an assembly of piezo driving elements that allow a workpiece to be driven hundreds of millimeters and still enjoy the resolution and repeatability that conventional piezo nanopositioners provide."

NANOSIGHT, Andrew Malloy, Head of Applications Sciences

The LM20 from Nanosight is the only instrument that can visualise and size nanoparticles on an individual basis.

MICRO MATERIALS , Denise Hoban, International Business Development Manager and Adrian Harris, Sales and Applications Engineer

The Nanotest nanoindentation system from Micro Materials differs from other nanoindentation systems available in the market place in that it incorporates a horizontal loading system and can perform tests that simulate real life operating conditions.

ALFA AESAR, Pamela Poulin, Marketing & Promotions Specialist and Rafi Dekermendjian, Organics and Organometallics Product Specialist

Alfa Aesar are promoting their new catalog that is due out in January that contains about 30,000 products that are available in research and bulk quantities. The new catalog adds another 3,000 products to their extensive range of which includes labware, alloys, elements, organics, inorganics, macromolecules, polymers, precious metals, catalysts, fuel cells etc.

THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC, Jon Shein, Director Global Marketing for NITON Analyzers

The most recent application that Thermo Niton has been developing for the XL3 is the screening of toys and other consumer goods for lead and other heavy metals.

CAPOVANI BROTHER INC, Ed Capovani, Vice President

Capovani Brothers offer an investment recovery solution that allows companies to realize the maximum value for their surplus equipment.

FIRST NANO, Gary Dyal, Director of Sales and Marketing

The EasyTube 3000 from First Nano is a turnkey solution for the production of carbon nanotubes and silicon nanowires that can be delivered off the shelf and in production in a very short period of time thanks to its' modular nature and in-built recipes.

STREM CHEMICALS, Dr. Ephraim Honig, Chief Operating Officer

Researchers are not always interested in making nano-building blocks, rather they want to develop applications. The Role that Strem Chemicals plays is to supply the nano-building blocks.

PARK SYSTEMS, Dr. Sung Park, Vice President of Operations

"Park Systems AFM's are the only ones in the world that feature scanner designs that do not have any x-y and x-z coupling, which eliminates any unwanted artifacts."

ASYLUM RESEARCH, Roger Proksch, President

The Asylum Research PFM allows users to overcome difficulties associated with conventional PFM's and the new high voltage module allows investigation of ferroelectrics and biological electromechanical materials.