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Many materials are used in aplications due to their electrical properties such as semiconductors. These properties might include capacitance, conductivity, resistivity, dielectric constant, permittivity, piezoelctric constant, seebeck co-efficient, permeability (electromagnetic) etc. The instruments described below have been designed to characterize these properties to aid in the optimum selection of materials for a given application as well as to test their performance
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Featured Equipment
EnergyLab XM from Solartron Analytical is electrochemical impedance analyzer, targeted at research in the fields of fuel cells, batteries and supercapacitors.
Other Equipment
Imina Technologies has introduced miBot™ BT-11, a mobile micro-robot designed to perform different manipulation, sensing and positioning tasks at micro and nano scales.
Solartron Analytical, specialists in the design of precision impedance test equipment, has joined forces with cryogenic experts Janis Research Company Inc., to produce an advanced cryogenic materials characterization test system
Yokogawa has expanded its low-cost and high performance product line with a new range of digital power metersWT300.
Oxford Instruments offers a range of electroplating and metal coating thickness gauges designed for measuring metallic coatings over ferrous substrates.
The model 1260A Impedance/Gain-Phase Analyzer is - without doubt - the most powerful, accurate and flexible Frequency Response Analyzer available today. In daily use by leading researchers wherever measurement integrity and experimental reliability are of paramount importance, the 1260A’s solid reputation is frequently endorsed in published research papers in Many fields.
The DLM4000 mixed-signal oscilloscope available from Yokogawa is ideal for testing and debugging applications in the automotive, power electronics, embedded systems, and mechatronics sectors.
The VersaSCAN is a single platform that can offer spatial resolution to both materials-based and electrochemical measurements. Each VersaSCAN is based on a common high-resolution, long-travel, closed-loop positioning system mounted to a vibration-resistant optical base.
The LT-4203 Parallel Plate Test Cell available from Lambient Technologies is specifically designed for measuring the AC loss permittivity and characteristics of solid panels and laminates according to ASTM Standard D150-98.
The SBS-700 oscilloscope features multiple advanced programmable trigger modes and auto-set function, providing reliable and precise measurement results or waveform capture.
MMR Technologies' Seebeck System is a small and compact device for conducting experiments using MMR Technologies’ cryogenic cooling and Joule-Thompson thermal stage systems, integrated with the Seebeck vacuum chamber.
NETZSCH’s SBA 458 Nemesis has a unique measurement setup, which accommodates more sample geometries than usual for this method.
The Mini-Varicon dielectric/conductivity sensor, available from Lambient Technologies, is designed for use with molds, laminates, presses, and bulk materials.
The ModuLab MTS is a new concept in testing the electrical properties of materials. The system uniquely combines time domain tests (I-V, pulse, ramp), and AC tests (C-V, Mott-Schottky, impedance, permittivity), together with a wide range of modules providing high voltage, high current resolution, sample / reference measurements. Temperature control and sample holder accessories add to the capabilities of the system.
MMR Technologies' Hall measurement systems enable users to perform automatic measurements of mobility, resistivity, and carrier concentration of a number of samples using the Van der Pauw technique over a 70K to 730K temperature range.
The DL850 ScopeCorder available from Yokogawa is a compact, waveform recording instrument designed for energy-saving applications.
Yokogawa has added a new digital power analyzer to its product line called WT1800.