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Eddy current testing is commonly used for the non-destructive examination (NDE) and condition monitoring of a large variety of metallic structures, including heat exchanger tubes, aircraft fuselage, and aircraft structural components.
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Digital eddy current testing for the metal processing industry.
The T3 is an advanced new eddy current probe and driver combination developed by Monitran Technology in partnership with QinetiQ.
The AeroCheck ET Flaw Detector from ETher NDE is a non-destructive testing device designed for NDE on specific aerospace application. It comes in a compact, rugged and lightweight package, and features a daylight-readable 5.7” LCD Color Full VGA (640 x 480 pixels) Screen.
Zetec’s MIZ-28 delivers more technology and performance for high-speed, high-efficiency inspection of heat exchanger tubing. Its data management features lead the industry with more on-board data storage and easy file transfer. And the MIZ-28 supports existing Zetec equipment and software already deployed for eddy current inspections.
EDDYCHEK S is a modern, high speed tester capable of a wide scope of applications ranging from one-coil inspection problems (e.g. weld-seam testing) to multichannel applications.
The all new US-454A brings the best innovative multi-frequency eddy current technology to market. Built from the rugged US-454 architecture, UniWest's engineering team has transformed eddy current testing by offering single and multi frequency inspection, frequency mixing capabilities, enhanced signal to noise, USB, ethernet and data storage capability; along with unprecendented digital strip chart data collection.
ETher NDE’s WeldCheck Eddy Current (ECT) flaw detector has been designed for users within a wide range of industries. The instrument is compact, lightweight and enclosed in a rugged aluminium alloy outer case.
The ultimate eddy-current test system for use during production fastest material sorting an high-resolution crack detection.