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Fourier Transform Near Infrared or FT-NIR Spectrometers are used for checmical identification and analysis. They utilize the fact that the functional groups of every molecule generate a characteristic absorption or transmission spectrum that can be used to identify them like a fingerprint. They use interferometers to split the light source. These separate beams are then recombined to create an interferogram which is subjected to a Fourier Transform to produce a spectrum. They are also able to measure the entire spectrum simultaneously, providing rapid and sensitive data with low noise levels. They also feature internal calibration on every scan. FT-NIR spectra are not as intense as FT-IR spectra, but they often do not require sample preparation, making it faster and enabling it to be used as a form of non-destruive testing.
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Featured Equipment
The TANGO FT-NIR spectrometer from Bruker has been designed for fast measurement with features such as high sample throughput, simultaneous evaluation of different components and an intuitive handling, without need for expertise training.
Bruker offers an advanced, high-performance FT-NIR spectrometer called Tango. The system provides fast, simple yet secure NIR analysis and proves ideal for industrial applications.
Other Equipment
Choosing the best possible sampling method is crucial when solving a specific analysis task. With the MPA, you have a complete solution at hand for your method development. The modular and compact instrument can easily be adapted to your needs. If at a later stage new applications arise, simply have the required sampling tool added; all combinations are possible at any time. The robustness of the instrument allows it to be used in the laboratory and factory floor. The MPA can be connected to your laptop via Plug & Play Ethernet and can even be placed on a utility cart to improve its mobility.
The MATRIX-MF is a new addition to the established MATRIX series product line which exploits the information-rich mid-IR spectral region both for research and process applications.
The new MBB3600-CH70 Polyol Analyzer is suitable for research and development and QA/QC applications on polyols and derivatives. This analyzer is based on ABB’s high performance industrial FT-NIR spectrometer, which is maintenance-free and enables fast determination of several quality properties in liquid chemicals.
The MB3600-CH20 is a near-infrared spectrometer which is suitable for rapid qualitative and quantitative analysis of chemical samples including powders, gels, liquids, and pellets.
The TALYS- ASP500 series TALYS is a fiber optics based industrial FT-NIR analyzer that has been exclusively designed for in-line monitoring and control of batch or continuous processes.
The series of powerful and adaptable Frontier™ IR systems from Perkin Elmer is designed to meet the requirements of current IR analysis.
The award winning MATRIX-F is one of the most recent Fourier Transform Near Infrared (FT-NIR) spectrometer.
MB3600-CH10 Oleochemicals Laboratory Analyzer is suitable for Oleochemicals applications. Oil and fat products can be analyzed by using Fourier Transform Near-Infrared (FT-NIR) spectroscopy.
The FTPA2000-260PH FT-NIR Process Multi-Point Analyzer is suitable for monitoring batch and continuous process in life sciences and pharmaceutical industries. It is certified for hazardous area, and is highly versatile.
The Spectrum Two™ is the IR spectrometer that can be used anywhere, by anyone, for daily analysis. It offers rapid, precise IR analysis and assures material quality across numerous applications.
The MB3600-CH30 is an FT-NIR Laboratory Analyzer which is suitable for biodiesel applications. It is also suitable for product quality assessment and production optimization.
The MB3600-CH80 Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Packaging Analyzer from ABB is designed for rapid analysis of PET containers such as performs, bottles, and jars.
MB3600 FT-NIR Laboratory Analyzer is the most reliable and versatile instrument available in the market for performing QA or QC.
The MB3600-CH40 solids analyzer is designed to perform rapid and accurate determination of key physico-chemical attributes of raw materials, in-process or finished products in solid form.
ABB’s TALYS ASP400 series is a simple yet rugged fiber optics-based FT- NIR analyzer that is specifically designed for use in the petrochemical and refinery industry.