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Also referred to as high-pressure liquid chromatography separates mixtures of compounds so that they can be identified. They differ from standard liquid chromatography systems in that they use a pump, as opposed to gravity to move the sample through the columns after having been introduced to the mobile phase. The various components of the sample move through the column at different speeds. The time that it takes an analyte to emerge from the column is called its retention time and this can be used to identify it
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Featured Equipment
With the revolutionary ISET technology the 1290 Infinity is the world’s first truly universal LC system as it can execute other HPLC and UHPLC methods and deliver the same chromatographic results without any change of the instrument or the original method.
Other Equipment
The Argonaut Technologies Surveyor Process Synthesizer, supplied by Conquer Scientific, comes with the Agilent DAD/QUAD HPLC system.
Knauer’s Contichrom lab-scale LC system is an all-in-one purification equipment that enables to use multiple process principles, such as sequential multi column chromatography, batch chromatography, CaptureSMB, simulated moving bed (SMB), and the new MCSGP principle with the same equipment.
Conquer Scientific offers the Dionex ICS-3000 Ion Chromatography system that comes with a wide range of Reagent-Free IC (RFIC) components. Combining self-regenerating suppression with automated eluent generation, the RFIC makes ion chromatography more powerful and easier than ever before.
Metrohm offers the new Professional IC Vario system that provides the ultimate flexibility expected from an Ion Chromatograph.
Field Forensics’ microTLC™ thin layer chromatography is perfect for speedy pre-screening and presumptive identification of unknown materials.
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