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Gas chromatography is an analytical chemistry technique used to separate and analyze compounds. The process involves the injection of the sample or analyte into the system where it is mixed with a carrier gas that takes the analyte to the columns. As the analyte moves through the columns it may be adsorbed onto the column walls or into the column media. The time that it takes each species to move through the column or retention time can be used to identify them
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Featured Equipment
The Thermo Scientific TRACE GC Ultra multi-channel gas chromatograph was developed for the evolving requirements of modern laboratories.
Other Equipment
The Micro GC fusion analyzer is integrated in a compact, lightweight chassis which can be easily transported, allowing for precise and fast analyses in real time.
PerkinElmer’s Clarus 680 GC maximizes throughput with the quickest injection-to-injection time of any traditional gas chromatograph. It has been designed to meet the needs of fast-paced, high-volume laboratories which need rapid analytical cycle times.
The TurboMatrix 220 TD tube conditioning oven from PerkinElmer is useful for laboratories using thermal desorption as a sample preparation method as these labs will require contaminant-free TD tubes to be readily available.
The TurboMatrix 650 ATD thermal desorber is integrated with PPC for high performance, improved ease-of-use, and functionality in an automated sample-tube handling system. It allows the analysis of up to 50 samples with no need for manual intervention.
The TurboMatrix 110 trap is a type of automated headspace sampler with integrated trap and standard PerkinElmer 22mL sample vials. It is possible to load up to 110 vials into the removable vial magazine for automated analysis.
The Baseline® Series 9000 hydrocarbon analyzer has a dynamic range from less than 10ppb on the low range version and up to 100% as methane on the high range version. The analyzer is provided with a combination of analog, digital and logic output functions.
The series 9000 TCA total carbon analyzer is a part of a larger group of instruments (series 9000 hydrocarbon analyzers) from Baseline.
Markes offers TD-100, an automated, high-throughput thermal desorption system designed for fast and automated processing of up to 100 sorbent sample tubes in one sequence.
The 9100 Series Gas Chromatograph available from Baseline is an advanced analyzer that offers a wide range of features including lab quality analysis in an online and fully integrated instrument.
The SCION triple quadrupole (TQ) detector is a comprehensive solution for your most demanding gas chromatography applications. It delivers unrivaled bench-space savings, the result of an innovative ‘lens-free’, elliptical ion-path design that delivers ultra-high sensitivity and chemical noise reduction - performance you would expect when innovation merges with a legacy of reliability.
GAS Dortmund’s BreathSpec is a high sensitivity GC-IMS instrument designed for detecting volatile organic compounds in human breath.
The series 9000 non-methane hydrocarbon analyzer is a part of the Baseline® series 9000 hydrocarbon analyzer family. It is configured to measure the total hydrocarbons, methane and non-methane hydrocarbon content in gas samples.
GAS Dortmund offers FlavourSpec, a high sensitivity GC-IMS instrument designed for food and beverage analysis.
GAS Dortmund’s GC-IMS is a powerful analytical tool that can detect VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in complex matrices in the low ppbv range within a matter of minutes.
Markes’ UNITY is an advanced analytical thermal desorption instrument designed for real-time analysis of SVOCs, VOCs and thermally labile compounds accumulated onto sorbent tubes.
The series 9000H is part of Baseline's® series 9000 hydrocarbon analyzer family and has a dynamic range from 0.1ppm to 10% (Propane) or 0.3ppm to 50% (Methane). The analyzer is provided with a combination of analog, digital and logic output functions.
PIKE Technologies has launched an advanced long-path IR gas cells to analyze pure gases, air contaminants, and gas mixtures.
Markes’ CIA Advantage is a powerful, high-throughput system designed for evaluating volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in canister gas and air. The analysis is carried out using US EPA Methods TO-14 and TO-15.
The Baseline® Series 8900 is a versatile gas chromatograph developed for the continuous monitoring of single or multiple gas components for a broad range of applications.
PerkinElmer’s Clarus 580 GC offers many of the key features found in the Clarus 680 GC such as a full-color touch-screen interface with a real-time signal display and eight-language support (English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, German, Italian and Russian).
The most significant advancement in full group type analysis of gasoline and gasoline blend streams using multi- dimensional gas chromatography is the Reformulyzer M4 analysis equipment.
Markes, a company specializing in high-quality analytical thermal desorption products, offers quality-assured thermal desorption tubes, spares and accessories.