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JB4022 Radiation Detector Dosimeter with a weight of about 95g is designed for monitoring personal radiations including X, ã and â-ray radiations in the workplace.
The Dosimeter PM 1405 is a multifunctional probing device, and is compact in size. It is specifically designed for determining gamma, beta and x-radiations.
The blueGeiger PG-15 is a small stand-alone device which is very simple to use and is designed for determining normal background radiation levels and responding to high levels of gamma, beta, and X-Ray radiation.
The detector available from includes the Model 3007A Traditional Geiger Counter that has been built with the Model 360 External Pancake Probe. The detector has been specifically developed for frisking and contamination detection purposes.
The Analog Geiger Counters are suitable for carrying out nuclear experiments and detecting radioactivity. When a radioactive particle is detected, an LED light is flashed every time. The GCA-02 consists of a Geiger-Mueller tube.