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Hardness Testing is a widely used method for determining hardness of materials using test methods such as Vickers, Brinell, Knoop, Rockwell, Shore and IRHD. Portable hardness testers come in a variety of types with the ability to test most metals, alloys and plastics ranging from soft polymers and rubbers to engineering alloys designed for use in the most arduous conditions or most severe operating environments.
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Featured Equipment
Based in UK, an eddy current product manufacturer, EtherNDE offers the Vantage Eddy Current Flaw Detector. The Vantage is the first fully featured and portable Eddy Current flaw detector from EtherNDE.
Other Equipment
INTEGRATED HARDNESS TESTER TH170 is an upgraded new model of TH130.
This hardness tester can be used in variety of applications and is readily adjustable to a wide range of sizes and shapes which are difficult to test in a standard table model hardness tester.
The Handy Hardness Tester model SH-21 differs completely from traditional hardness testers. Instead of measuring the size of the indentation of the test sample using a microscope, it uses a diamond indenter equipped with a vibrating rod that presses on the test surface at a fixed load and then measures its hardness by applying ultrasonic vibrations and analyzing its damping effect.
The M51 and M52 portable handheld hardness testers are ideal for testing stacked sheets, rod and tubing on racks and in areas where clearance is limited.
The Equostat 3 was developed for accurate, rapid and reproducible metal hardness testing. It features excellent sensitivity through small penetration of a few µm and is therefore particularly suited for testing metal hardness of surface layers on scratch-sensitive and polished parts or on thin parts, profiles and pipes with a wall thickness that is below 2 mm (0.08”).
The brinell optical scanning system, BOSS enhances the quality control with sophisticated data acquisition and analysis capabilities and determines the brinell impressions faster, more accurately and consistently than ever.
The Ames Hardness Tester for Rockwell testing has been giving repeatable accurate measurements in large and small plants around the world for over 50 years. The light weight and portability of the Ames hardness tester saves time and money by providing Rockwell test results quickly, anywhere.
These hardness testers offer high accuracy, wide measuring range, simple operation, and compact size—all for an economical price! Available with either a separate or integral probe, the testers arrive ready to use. Perform tests and automatically calculate the mean value and convert to Vicker, Brinell, Rockwell, and Shore values.
The completely new, entry-level TH-1100, offers a very affordable but accurate hardness testing solution for on-site testing in workshops and in field operation. The unit assures accurate and reliable measurement.
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