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Force gauges are measuring devices used to measure push or a pull in a certain direction. There are two kind of force gauge, mechanical and digital.
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DS2 digital force gauges feature a large, easy-to-read LCD display and simple push-button operation. An ergonomic metal housing protects the highly accurate loadcell and electronics in tough industrial environments.
Robust Push/Pull Force Gauge for simple measurement
Bluetooth communication and full-color displays are among the new features of a series of updated Chatillon® digital force gauges introduced by AMETEK Test & Calibration Instruments.
The Mecmesin MultiTest-i range of test frames sets the standard in computer-controlled testing, operating through the power of Emperor, easy-to-use yet powerful force testing and analysis software.
The Starrett FMS1000 Series is a single-column force measurement testing system specifically designed for high-volume production and quality control testing.
The Unique Force One™ FDIX is a low cost digital force gauge with many useful features beginning with interchangeable Plug 'n Play Force Cell Modules. Select any capacity from 2 to 200 pounds, attach it to the Force Display Module and start testing.
The MultiTest-dV range from Mecmesin consists of three great value entry-level force testers.
These high impact polystyrene cased Push-Pull Force Gauges are low priced and simplified in construction yet accurately measure push pull forces.
The High Capacity Force Gauge with PC Interface is a three-range force gauge (tension/compression) with 0.5% basic accuracy
The BGI Force / Torque Gauge is a unique product designed for working in conjunction with a variety of interchangeable remote force and torque sensors listed below. The sensors do not require calibration or setup - the BGI automatically recognizes any sensor. All configuration and calibration data is saved in the sensor's connector. Simply plug and play!
Our top-of-the-range Advanced Force Gauge is the most accurate digital gauge in the world. It can be used handheld or fixed to a manual or motorised test stand for optimum testing performance.
The MultiTest-d range is a basic motorised test system, which combines with Mecmesin's digital force gauges to ensure repeatable, accurate results. Though simple to operate, the MultiTest-d range benefits from many advanced test features to meet common testing requirements.
This force and torque display unit offers the best accuracy and flexibility within a digital instrument. The Advanced Force & Torque Indicator works in conjunction with Mecmesin 'SMART' sensors and can be used handheld or fixed to a test jig for optimum measurement performance.
DTS is a cost effective torque tester with many advance features. Ideal for testing and setting of small power torque tools or small torque wrench.
The new Test-All II, with a windows-based control software, and touch screen display and interface, torque testing is now simple, accurate and affordable. This compact system measures and stores test results at the touch of a button.
The Chatillon CS series is a digital force tester series optimized for production testing applications, including medical devices, textiles, plastics, rubber, packaging and electronics.