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Force gauges are measuring devices used to measure push or a pull in a certain direction. There are two kind of force gauge, mechanical and digital.
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This force and torque display unit offers the best accuracy and flexibility within a digital instrument. The Advanced Force & Torque Indicator works in conjunction with Mecmesin 'SMART' sensors and can be used handheld or fixed to a test jig for optimum measurement performance.
Robust Push/Pull Force Gauge for simple measurement
DS2 digital force gauges feature a large, easy-to-read LCD display and simple push-button operation. An ergonomic metal housing protects the highly accurate loadcell and electronics in tough industrial environments.
The new Test-All II, with a windows-based control software, and touch screen display and interface, torque testing is now simple, accurate and affordable. This compact system measures and stores test results at the touch of a button.
Bluetooth communication and full-color displays are among the new features of a series of updated Chatillon® digital force gauges introduced by AMETEK Test & Calibration Instruments.
The Starrett FMS1000 Series is a single-column force measurement testing system specifically designed for high-volume production and quality control testing.
The Unique Force One™ FDIX is a low cost digital force gauge with many useful features beginning with interchangeable Plug 'n Play Force Cell Modules. Select any capacity from 2 to 200 pounds, attach it to the Force Display Module and start testing.
Our top-of-the-range Advanced Force Gauge is the most accurate digital gauge in the world. It can be used handheld or fixed to a manual or motorised test stand for optimum testing performance.
The Mecmesin MultiTest-i range of test frames sets the standard in computer-controlled testing, operating through the power of Emperor, easy-to-use yet powerful force testing and analysis software.
DTS is a cost effective torque tester with many advance features. Ideal for testing and setting of small power torque tools or small torque wrench.
The High Capacity Force Gauge with PC Interface is a three-range force gauge (tension/compression) with 0.5% basic accuracy
The BGI Force / Torque Gauge is a unique product designed for working in conjunction with a variety of interchangeable remote force and torque sensors listed below. The sensors do not require calibration or setup - the BGI automatically recognizes any sensor. All configuration and calibration data is saved in the sensor's connector. Simply plug and play!
The MultiTest-d range is a basic motorised test system, which combines with Mecmesin's digital force gauges to ensure repeatable, accurate results. Though simple to operate, the MultiTest-d range benefits from many advanced test features to meet common testing requirements.
The Chatillon CS series is a digital force tester series optimized for production testing applications, including medical devices, textiles, plastics, rubber, packaging and electronics.
These high impact polystyrene cased Push-Pull Force Gauges are low priced and simplified in construction yet accurately measure push pull forces.