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Boring is the process of enlarging an existing hole and is typically carried out to improve the accuracy of the hole diameter. Boring is a machining operation that uses a lathe for smaller operations, or a special boring mill or boring machine for larger work pieces. Boring can also be used to produce tapered holes.
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APTAC 264 takes the testing of chemical reactivity a step forward by enabling the user to acquire much faster temperature and pressure rise data than did the earlier designs. The APTAC 264 can function as: High-performance closed-cell adiabatic calorimeter; High-temperature and high-pressure reaction calorimeter; Open test cell from which effluent can be discharged and analyzed for emergency relief system studies using the DIERS methodology of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers
Ideal for ultra-high precision simultaneous 3-axis machining
The model of versatility, offering easy, flexible setup, a high power-to-weight ratio and high-speed operation to boost productivity. Adaptable to a huge range of bore diameters, from 18 to 80 inches (457.2 to 2032 mm).
An all-purpose horizontal NC boring machine for various size of workpieces.
NETZSCH’s Accelerating Rate Calorimeter 254 (ARC® 254) offers adiabatic calorimetry information in a safe, controlled laboratory setting.
The RT Series with built-in contouring rotary tables offer the versatility of an additional axis making them well-suited for prismatic parts requiring work on multiple sides.
This single unit construction Line Boring Machine has all the features to do case goods and framework, furniture fittings and 32mm line boring. The fully adjustable boring head can drill vertical or horizontal, and will lock at any angle in-between. The 2-1/2HP motor provides plenty of power at 2800 RPM at the spindles.
Optimal power-to-weight ratio assures superior speed and performance. Compact design and mounting brackets easily adapt to a wide range of configurations to maximize application versatility.
The new Concavus pan available from NETZSCH has a slight concave bottom geometry that produces an accurately defined contact surface between the pan bottom, sample and sensor, and thus helps in improving the reproducibility of the measurement results.
The York 4-14 ET (electric touch) portable line-boring machine is our finest yet. Proven dependable and extremely powerful. Shown below with the Fein 4 speed reversible bar drive motor, this combination makes the 4-14 ET extremely portable.