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For applications such as metallurgical analysis, failure analysis and research and development, microscopic examination is common practice. To properly examine structures under a microscope samples must first be prepared. This is typically a three stage process: mounting samples so they can be handled, such as embedding them in bakelite; grinding the surface to be examined flat and; polishing the surface. Etching may also follow to reveal more microstructural information.
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Featured Equipment
ibss Group, in association with a plasma source inventor, has designed a sophisticated in situ Asher dubbed GV10x DS.
Other Equipment
Advanced Abrasives Corporation manufactures a broad selection of superabrasive diamond suspensions, slurries and compounds (pastes) from their own high quality milled powders in monocrystalline and in polycrystalline diamond types.
Buehler can supply a range of consumables for sample preparation operations. Some of the products that they can supply include grinding discs, magnetically backed polishing pads, as well as SunMet Bundles which include everything you need for grinding and polishing samples.
Advanced Abrasives offers an extensive range of alumina powders and suspensions of superior quality in a variety of abrasive size choices.
Gatan’s Ilion™ II is a tabletop broad beam argon milling tool designed for planar polishing and the production of sample cross sections for scanning electron microscope (SEM) analysis. It is designed for polishing a wide variety of materials, including samples produced from several elements and alloys of different size, mechanical hardness and physical features.
Gatan's Alto cryo-transfer system provides excellent results with combined SEM-FIB and tungsten SEM microscopes at both low and high vacuum conditions.
Boron Carbide (B4C) Powder from Advanced Abrasives with a Mohs hardness of 9.5 is almost as hard as cubic boron nitride (cBN) and so serves as a lower cost alternative abrasive to both diamond and to cBN.
PremaLox C is a 99.95% pure cerium oxide powder from Advanced Abrasives. It is white in color and suitable for precision polishing of optical glass and ophthalmic lenses.
Leco offers the PR-36 sample mounting press that can be used for single as well as dual sample mounting. The mounting press, combined with its easy desktop style and lightweight, compact design, is ideal for laboratories that are looking for high performance and long-lasting mounting press.
The AbrasiMatic 300 Abrasive Cutter is a bench-top cutter featuring manual cutting action in 3 directions or automated cutting in 1 direction. This gives the user the maximum versatility to section a wide variety of sample materials, sizes and geometries. It is engineered with innovative capabilities to be used in both production support and laboratory environments.
The MillPrep™ micro ball mill enables rapid, reproducible grinding of almost all materials, thereby facilitating their sample preparation.
The Model 657 Dimple Grinder II, from Gatan, is designed to rapidly remove material from a surface with minimum damage. It provides high-speed and consistent mechanical pre-thinning to near electron transparency to significantly reduce thinning and ion milling times.
The Hitachi IM4000 Ar ion milling system renders two milling configurations in one instrument.
The K1050X Plasma Etcher/Asher/Cleaner available from Quorum Technologies is an advanced, solid-state RF plasma barrel reactor specifically designed to meet the needs of research and development and small-scale production for a variety of plasma ashing, plasma etching and plasma cleaning applications.
Advanced Abrasives provides an extensive line of supplies needed for lapping and polishing in a variety of industries from the precision lapping of semiconductor wafers and lapping / polishing of optical lens elements, to the lapping of metal and ceramic components in industrial manufacturing.
The SAM-255 workstation is now available with IntelliTemp Infrared temperature control enabling rapid drying of all types of samples.
The 909 UV Digester supplied by Metrohm can quickly and effectively decompose organic molecules through UV photolysis, and thus, facilitate consistent analyses.
Sample surfaces are coated with hydrocarbon contamination because of sample preparation or due to storage.
To maximize sample throughput, the DIL 803/803L offers two-sample simultaneous operation in a horizontal dilatometer. The DIL803/803L can also be operated with an inert reference sample for differential measurement, reducing the influence of measurement system expansion and increasing measurement accuracy under dynamic temperature conditions.
The 3View® system provides high resolution imaging of a wide variety of in situ samples in 3D and offers high throughput.
Advanced Abrasives provides a variety of very competitive, high-quality metallographic grinding and polishing consumables.
Gatan’s Cryo-Transfer Holders are designed for applications that involve low temperature transfer and monitoring of frozen hydrated specimens.
FRITSCH Cutting Mills are the ideal, time-saving assistants in the comminution of soft to medium-hard as well as fibrous or also tough materials. They are indispensable in the areas of plastics, textiles, agriculture and forestry, environment, construction materials, chemistry, foodstuffs, analytic and sample preparation for RoHS analysis.
The new Concavus pan available from NETZSCH has a slight concave bottom geometry that produces an accurately defined contact surface between the pan bottom, sample and sensor, and thus helps in improving the reproducibility of the measurement results.
The MasterPrep is developed to offer users of the AUTOSORB, QUADRASORB™ SI and NOVA surface area and pore size analyzer series with high-throughput sample preparation.
Sample preparation is an essential stage in the analysis process. Methodology is highly dependent upon sample type: rocks and ore, cement, clinker or slag for example. With the innovative, cost-effective Eagon 2 system, PANalytical brings the advantages of a high-performance, fully automated fusion instrument for fused bead sample preparation to all users.
Metrohm Inline Sample Preparation (MISP) is designed to eliminate manual sample preparation for ion chromatography. MISP includes several techniques developed by Metrohm that will enable users to fully automate the preparation of all types of samples.
The new, second generation 5383 Pulsed Flame Photometric GC Detector (PFPD) is compact and modular with greater design flexibility, analytical refinement, and ease of use when compared to the earlier version.
Quantachrome's Rotary Micro Riffler divides easily and automatically large samples into eight smaller representative samples for analysis. It is possible to obtain the final desired size by repetitive division of the collected smaller representative samples.
Imina Technologies has introduced miBot™ BT-11, a mobile micro-robot designed to perform different manipulation, sensing and positioning tasks at micro and nano scales.
Quantachrome's Sieving Riffler is developed for handling large powder quantities when compared to the rotary micro riffler. Furthermore, particles larger than a specific size or foreign bodies can be excluded from the riffling process by attaching a sieve to the top of the hopper.
The Eclipse 4760 Purge and Trap Sample Concentrator from OI Analytical sets a new benchmark for eas-of-use for volatile organic compound (VOC) analysis.
Dosimat plus is capable of handling all kinds of dosing and liquid handling tasks. It is an ideal instrument for advanced laboratories.
Lapping film is available from Advanced Abrasives as rectangular sheets, discs, belts and rolls in a variety of format sizes, abrasive sizes and abrasive types on high-quality polyester film of 3 mil (76µm) standard thickness.
OI Analytical’s 4100 Water/Soil Sample Processor automates sample handling and processing in 40 mL VOA vials to perform purge-and-trap analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as per the U.S. EPA methods.
The SynthWAVE model by Milestone, a global leader in the field of microwave-based sample prep technology is a synthetic microwave that will fit on any benchtop in even the smallest lab.
The Labpol 12 Auto Polisher/Grinder is an advanced design of Automatic Polisher/Grinder in which polishing or grinding protocols can be created as a program by entering the required parameters on a keypad and then stored for future use.
The Gentle Asher offered by ibss Group has been specifically designed to expand the GV10x investment for sample cleaning prior to inserting into the EM chamber.
The TMA 801 operates in a vertical orientation, making it ideal for the analysis of sintering, RCS (rate controlled sintering), viscoelastic behavior and the determination of softening temperatures. The linear motor generates a constant throughout the experiment, ensuring that contact is maintained with the sample regardless of dimension change.
Presently test pieces from metal foils and steel sheets are economically and accurately produced using specimen blanking machines. Standards such as ASTM A370, EN 10002 and BS 18 stipulate that test results must not be influenced by any material change caused by work-hardening in the specimen edge zone.
Metrohm’s 815 robotic titration soliprep is a high-quality solution developed for automated sample preparation. Manual sample preparation is prone to errors and leads to inconsistent results. It also takes significant amount of time.
Two separate sample preparation techniques are combined by the FloVac Degasser into a single elegant solution. This stand alone device has six sample stations, each having individual control valves to help add or remove individual sample cells without interrupting the other samples in process.
The Q300TD dual target sputter coating system supplied by Quorum Technologies is a fully automatic unit designed for conductive coating of scanning electron microscopy (SEM) specimens and for thin film applications.
The Zwick 7140 specimen grinder enables work-hardened areas of the specimen to be ground off quickly and economically. Grinding is performed in the tensile direction so that machining marks have no effect on the test result. The grinder can be used to machine a wide range of specimen shapes.
Buehler’s PlanarMet 300 bench top planar grinder is a fast, accurate, and compact system that uses a fixed 12” abrasive stone to ensure rapid sample grinding.
PremaSol CS colloidal silica suspensions from Advanced Abrasives contain spherical silica particles in an alkaline (pH 9–11) base formulated to resist drying and reduce the possibility of re-crystallization.
The SC7620 sputter coater available from Quorum Technologies is a compact, low-cost sputter coater developed for SEM samples.
The Model 4551A Purge-and-Trap Water Autosampler from OI Analytical helps to acheive reliable results through the automation of VOC analysis of up to 51 samples.
The SS-200 from Leco Corporation is a variable-speed grinder/polisher with simple operation suitable for low- or medium-volume laboratories.
Superabrasive diamond and cubic boron nitride (cBN) powders produced by Advanced Abrasives, a leading superabrasive micronizer, are superior in quality and lot to lot consistency with particle sizes ranging from of 25nm up to and including the mesh region.
Gatan’s precision etching coating system (PECS™) IIis a table top broad beam argon milling tool designed to handle the coating and polishing of samples.
Atom probe tomography (APT) is a material analysis method that offers 3D chemical composition and imaging at the atomic scale. It is suitable for analysis of grain boundary segregation.
With the help of specimen blanking machines, test pieces from metal foils and steel sheets are economically produced and also accurately using specimen blanking machines.
The ONH836 Oxygen/Nitrogen/Hydrogen Elemental Analyzer is designed by Leco Corporation for measuring the content of nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen in ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, inorganic materials, and refractory materials using the inert gas fusion technique.
Advanced Abrasives manufactures superabrasive diamond and cBN powders in sizes extending down into the sub-micron/nanometer particle size range.
With the compact MiniMill 2, samples can be ground at low cost with a high degree of reproducibility. The bench-top MiniMill 2 is based on the principle of planetary ball mills with just one grinding bowl holder. Grinding bowl in sizes 80 - 500ml. speeds of up to 600rpm, new electronic system with timer and programmable reversing unit, short grinding times and high fineness ratings make the MiniMill 2 an ideal sample preparation tool for subsequent spectro-analytical work.
The precision ion polishing system (PIPS™) II is a ground-breaking advancement of the PIPS ion mill system, which has established the standard for transmission electron microscope (TEM) sample preparation for more than two decades.
Rapidly becoming the industry standard in many areas, Sheen Instruments Automatic Panel Sprayers have been developed with the co-operation of end users to ensure the product meets the exacting quality standards of the industries using them.
MSX255M models are ideal for creating medium-sized sections from automotive, ceramics, and composite parts; 12-inch blade capacity; 5.4 HP motor.
Quorum Technologies supplies the PP3010T Cryo-SEM preparation system, which is a highly automated column-mounted, gas-cooled cryo preparation system ideal for most SEM, FE-SEM and FIB/SEM systems.
The FAST Flame sample automation platform is designed to provide the lowest cost-per-element flame atomic absorption (AA) analysis available in the market. The accessories provided will enable the user to perform daily workflows with accuracy, speed and consistency.
The FS 3700 Automated Chemistry Analyzer is specially designed to achieve improved productivity in laboratories through automation of wet chemistry test procedures.
The K975X Turbo Evaporator available from Quorum Technologies is a multiple application system designed for vacuum deposition of thin layers of metals and carbon.
FRITSCH Planetary Mills classic line are ideal for fast and loss-free grinding from a few milligrams to several kilograms at a wide range of fineness levels down to less than 1 µm – dry or in suspension – absolutely reliable, easy to operate and to clean!