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Hall Effect Measurement Systems measure the concentration and mobility of charge carriers. This is an important property of semiconductors. Other properties that Hall Effect Measurement Systems can determine include Hall co-efficient, Hall voltage, resistance, resistivity, magnetoresistance, I-V curves, carrier concentration and mobility.
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MMR Technologies' Hall measurement systems enable users to perform automatic measurements of mobility, resistivity, and carrier concentration of a number of samples using the Van der Pauw technique over a 70K to 730K temperature range.
A number of contemporary electronic and semiconductor materials are being developed for applications that include thermoelectric and photovoltaic materials, organic electronics, new display technologies and high power devices.
The Lake Shore Cryotronic 7600 Electromagnet Series of Hall Effect Measurement (HMS) systems feature a moderate resistance range, high voltage capability, high magnetic field, and broad temperature range to provide a very capable electronic transport measurement systems.
Model 8407 AC/DC Hall Effect measurement system (HMS) available from Lake Shore Cryotronics enables users to measure the electronic properties of the latest semiconductor and electronic materials being developed for applications, such as new display technologies, photovoltaic and thermoelectric materials, organic electronics, and high power devices.
The 9700 superconducting Series of Hall Effect Measurement (HMS) systems from Lake Shore Cryotronic feature a wide resistance range, high voltage capability, extremely high magnetic field, and broad temperature range to provide a excellent electronic transport measurement systems.
Lake Shore 8425 HMS and Probe Station enables users to perform non- destructive Hall measurement of wafer-scale materials in a controlled cryogenic environment. It can also be used for measuring electronic and magneto- transport properties of materials like III-V semiconductors, II-VI semiconductors, elemental semiconductors and high-temperature superconductors.