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As the name suggests vacuum furnaces heat materials, most often metals in a vacuum atmosphere. Due to the absence of other gases such as oxygen, the materials being heated do not react with the surrounding gases as is the case in other types of furnaces, which eliminates the formation of unwanted compounds/impurities/contaminants on the surface. This also affords ability to perform operations with a high level of consistency . Vacuum furnaces are most often used for the controlled heat treatment or metals, but other operations such as brazing may also be performed in vacuum furnaces.
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This versatile series of multi-purpose vacuum furnaces offers a wide variety of sizes and configurations, including horizontal or vertical designs. As users have a choice of hot zones, pumping systems and gas cooling options, the MetalMaster™ is ideal for almost any heat treating, brazing or other thermal processing application. The gas quench system features a specially engineered heat exchanger and turbine blower designed to optimize gas flow for more efficient cooling. In addition to Ipsen's standard computer control systems, MetalMaster™ furnaces may be ordered with other high-productivity options, including specialized instrumentation, increased pumping capability, and material handling systems.
Bondtech provides both new and refurbished pressure vessels and autoclaves. With the single source capability, Bondtech has direct control over all process steps right from the coordinated mechanical and metallurgical design all the way through to the final testing of the whole system.
AVS supplies furnaces for a wide range of processes requiring vacuum, pressure and heat.
Bondtech supplies the CLS: 3'x4' working area autoclave system (Figure 1) which offers a number of features, such as external insulation, 150 PSIG at 500F, EnVision PLC controls, 5 vacuum lines for source and sensing, 10 thermocouples, and optional chamber cart. A vacuum pump and a manifold are also included.
Automatic processing furnace systems (APF) and ceramic processing furnace systems (CPF) provide fully automatic, unattended operation at temperatures to 2500°C. Parts processing may be cycled in under two hours with rapid temperature ramp up (>100°C/min) and ramp down (>300°C/min). These systems may be configured as a hydrogen furnace, a vacuum furnace or both.
Bondtech offers both one-stage and two-stage shredder solutions. The Medical Waste Reduction System offered by Bondtech is a two-stage system capable of safely handling cartons, boxes and bags of waste from regional waste facility or hospital environment. The sterilized waste material, including aluminum, steel, paper and plastics, are automatically collected, reduced and conveyed to a compaction chamber or cart.
TITAN is a self-contained, highly mobile, skid-mounted vacuum heat treat system. A simple-to-master control system is provided for data trending, archiving software, supporting 16 languages, switching easily between units of measure, acquiring real-time data, and storing up to 1000 recipes.
AvaC, Ipsen’s propriety process for vacuum carburizing with acetylene, provides high carbon availability and ensures highly homogenous carburizing even for complicated geometries and high load densities.
MetalMaster vacuum furnace system available from Ipsen is a versatile, multi-purpose system that comes in a wide range of configurations and sizes, including vertical and horizontal designs.
T-M Vacuum Tool Room Vacuum Furnaces are the high temperature, technically advanced vacuum furnaces to satisfy all your heat-treating needs. Within the all stainless steel chamber of the vacuum furnaces is a two cubic foot work zone capable of holding up to 200 pounds of material for tempering, austenitizing, hardening, stress relieving, brazing, sintering, bonding, annealing, and many other custom heat treating processes.
TITAN is a self-contained, highly mobile, skid-mounted vacuum heat treat system which consists of a simple-to-master control system for switching easily between units of measure, acquiring real-time data, data trending and archiving software, storing up to 1000 recipes, and , and supporting 16 languages.
VacuProf® control software system available from Ipsen is specifically designed for computing and performing h eat treatment processes in a wide range of Ipsen furnaces, including the TITAN® vacuum furnace.
The aluminum-brazing vacuum furnaces available from Ipsen are designed to meet a wide range of workload and throughput requirements.
TITAN is a self-contained, highly mobile, skid-mounted vacuum heat treat system. Fast utility hookups are used for easily installing Titan.
This is a horizontal tube furnace that can operate up to 1500°Cat vacuum levels of better than 10E-5 mbar.
TAV range of products includes vacuum furnaces with pressures from 1E-7mbar to 100bar, temperatures of up to 2500°C and load capacities of up to 5000kg.
Ipsen’s AutoMag® software program enables users to automate batch treatments through the efficient use of energy and resources, and thus simplifies operations and improves reliability.
The Super TurboTreater available from Ipsen is an advanced vacuum furnace specifically designed to handle huge load capacities for heat treatment of tools, dies and components with complex geometries.
Ipsen offers the VFS HIQ (Horizontal Internal Quench) Series of vacuum furnaces that are easy to operate and deliver unparalleled performance.
Ipsen offers sophisticated vacuum thermal processing systems for a variety of applications that range from simple tools to large wind turbine gears.
TITAN is a self-contained, highly mobile, skid-mounted vacuum heat treat system. It can be easily installed using fast utility hookups.
Ipsen offers the VFS HEQ (Horizontal External Quench) furnace, which is part of the VFS brand HEQ series.
Ipsen offers Atmosphere Draw Internal Vacuum (ADIV) temper system, which covers recirculation, heating and cooling components to deliver vacuum purging and internal cooling.
Ipsen offers an advanced yet affordable furnace control system called CompuVac Supervisory Control System.
The VFS Model VDS furnace features a special dual vacuum pump design that combines debinding and sintering processes in a single cycle without contaminating the hot zone, furnace chamber, or components.
The LF Series furnaces are top loading multi-purpose furnace, high temperature, vacuum or controlled atmosphere with refractory metal heat zone
Ipsen offers Vacuum Oil/Gas Quench (VOQ) furnaces that are versatile and handle a variety of thermal processes for a range of materials including brazing, annealing, tempering, aging/stress relieving, carbonitriding with oil quench, carburizing with gas or oil quench, and hardening with gas or oil quench.
The Sintervac™ product line services a variety of robust manufacturing requirements with delicate process control needs. Tungsten and Cemented carbides, performance and structural ceramics, cermets and high alloy steels represent a few. There are over 600 Sintervacs in field service throughout the world today. CVI is the world leader for carbide and structural ceramic applications.
Ipsen offers a high pressure gas quenching vacuum furnace called TurboTreater. The furnace delivers rapid cycle times and enhanced workload results.