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Pipes and tubes are designed to carry fluids. In many cases they need to transfer fluids under pressure such as hydraulic pipes and tubes. To ensure that pipes and tubes are suited to particular applications it is important that they can withstand the pressures of operation. Hydrostatic or burst testing devices are designed to test this very property of pipes, tubes and hoses. They can typically cater for pipes of varying diameters and can feed back how the sample performs as a function of applied pressure.
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The series 1800 Pressure / Pipe Testing System from Applied Test Systems Inc provides continuous and short-term hydrostatic pressure testing of pipes to meeting the required standards of ASTM D1598 and D1599.
The main use of JJHBT is to determine the resistance of thermoplastics pipes to constant internal water pressure at constant temperature. This applies to thermoplastic pipes used in the conveyance of fluids. It is suitable for a variety of pipe specimens.