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Surface energy analyzers or second generation inverse gas chromatographs are used to characterize particulates, fibres and thin-films. It is a gas phase technique used to determine a range of surface and bulk properties. It involves passing a constant concentration of gas through a column of solid material and the time taken for the concentration front to elute down the column is measured with a detector. A variety of physico-chemical properties can be determined by using a range of different gas probe molecules.
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The SA 3100 with automated dewar lift is a complete pore size and surface area anlysis system with integrated outgassing stations and vacuum pump and is highly accurate. It features continuous saturation pressure measurement, has a minimum manifold volume to enhance sensitivity, and performs a multipoint helium free space measurement, to improve repeatability and accuracy.
The IsoSORP® Manometric instrument is capable of determining gas adsorption and desorption of up to five samples using the static volumetric method.
It is possible to simultaneously weigh two samples with the IsoSORP instruments. Along with determining the mass change of the sample material, a second inert sample can be weighed.