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Dynamic vapour sorption is a technique that measures the uptake and loss of moisture of a material by passing a carrier gas of known humidity over a sample contained in a weighing mechanism.
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It is possible to simultaneously weigh two samples with the IsoSORP instruments. Along with determining the mass change of the sample material, a second inert sample can be weighed.
The DVS Advantage offers the most advanced and versatile dynamic gravimetric vapour sorption capabilities in the DVS range. Applications in food, pharmaceuticals, fibres, films and porous materials are supported with extensive applications experience, and include simple stability testing using water isotherms to sophisticated prediction of solid-solid interactions.
Vapor pressure is an essential characteristic property of chemicals. It must be deermined for any new substance that should be placed on the market according to the European REACH regulation.
The Aquadyne DVS is a fully automated, gravimetric, dual sample water vapor sorption analyzer. It measures adsorption and desorption isotherms of water vapor both accurately and sensitively, including sorption kinetics, with minimal operator involvement. The weight(s) of one or two sample(s) is/are constantly monitored and recorded as the relative humidity is automatically varied by the blending of dry carrier gas with a saturated gas stream.