Medical Grade Silicone Designed to Withstand Vibration, Shock, Impact and Thermal Cycling

Published on November 24, 2009 at 7:21 PM

Flexibility is of vital importance in the design of medical devices subjected to vibration, impact, shock and thermal cycling. Two component, room temperature curing Master Bond MasterSil 151 Med is a medical grade, potting and encapsulation silicone formulated to withstand such exposures.

With a low viscosity of 1,500 cps, it is ideal for use in applications with complicated contours in very complex configurations. It is an excellent electrical insulator with a volume resistivity of 1x1015 ohm cm and can handle service over the wide temperature range of -65°F to +400°F.

MasterSil 151 Med cures optically clear with a refractive index of 1.43, making it well suited for use as a protective coating in optical and fiber optic applications. Cures can be accomplished at room temperature, or faster at elevated temperatures. Shrinkage upon cure is less than 0.1%. When cured, MasterSil 151 Med has a Shore A hardness of 45 and an elongation at break of 160%. Even though it has such high elasticity, its tensile strength is still a favorable 880 psi at 73°F. Mix ratio is 10 to 1 by weight. MasterSil 151 Med fully meets USP Class VI requirements for medical applications.

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