A Comparison Between Renting and Buying Gas Detectors

Investing in gas detectors is, for many industries, a critical part of making sure the safety and welfare of personnel – but the economic impact of purchasing and installing a new gas detection system can be intimidating.

More and more so, organizations are choosing to rent gas detection equipment, allowing them to quickly acquire gas detection solutions when required without suffering the heavy ownership costs.1 So, the question arises, is renting gas detectors a more cost-effective and efficient choice for an organization?

Short-Term Projects (Under 6 Months)

The initial capital needed to purchase gas detectors can be an early stumbling block, specifically for short-term projects where they may only be used over a limited period of time or on a periodic basis.

This is typically the case for businesses involved in repairs, natural disasters, construction works, or other special projects, which may only last anywhere from a few days to a few months.

In these cases, renting gas detection equipment is generally much cheaper than purchasing it outright. This is especially true for projects which necessitate expensive detectors for detection or measurement of ‘exotic’ gases.

Longer-Term Projects

For long-term projects – in excess of 6 months or more – investing in gas detectors for purchase is much more practical, as each piece of equipment provides sustained value over the lifetime of the project.

Purchase costs can be reduced further by investing in Certified Pre-Owned gas detectors, with numerous manufacturers offering warranties on used equipment that covers the full-term of the project.

Yet, purchasing and owning gas detectors for long-term projects is only feasible for organizations that have the appropriate workforce and technical expertise to maintain them to full standards.

Guaranteeing the long-term reliability and efficacy of a gas detection system is no small task: all gas detectors demand regular testing and calibration to allow for ‘drift’ over time, and faulty units must be diagnosed and repaired as necessary.

For numerous organizations, the role of gas detector maintenance can be a significant drain on resources, which makes gas detector rental a desirable solution for long-term projects.

Generally, gas detector rental services include calibration and replacement of devices, therefore eliminating the issues that come with detector maintenance and freeing up safety managers, allowing them to focus on other things.

Ongoing Everyday Use

For a number of organizations, gas detection is key to everyday operations. This is typically the case for the oil and gas industries, chemical processing plants, wastewater treatment facilities and other organizations where hazardous gases are generated onsite.

Frequently, such organizations use tailor-made gas-detection systems incorporating both fixed units (for observing hazardous or at-risk locations) as well as portable gas monitors carried by employees.

The majority of organizations that use gas detectors at this kind of scale will typically purchase and maintain their own gas detection equipment. Yet, an administrative burden comes with the everyday use of gas detectors.

As well as the physical maintenance of the detectors, organizations that rely on gas detectors daily have an increase in data handling responsibilities.

Measurements of gas detector data should always be collected and stored in an appropriate manner so that compliance can be demonstrated in the event of an audit and so that historical data is available in the event of an accident.

More so, gas detector data should be analyzed carefully in order to locate and quantify repeated hazards in the field.

Consequently, organizations can acquire efficiency gains from gas detector rental or subscription services, including iNet. This software based gas detection solution is made up of a network of portable gas detectors with docking stations, where data is collected automatically and analyzed by centralized software.

  • Reduced downtime: The iNet system automatically diagnoses equipment faults ensuring on the spot shipping of replacement units, limiting any expensive downtime.
  • Enhanced safety and simplified compliance: Performance can be monitored and trends can be easily identified due to an automatic analysis of collected data.
  • Access to the best technology: Equipment can be upgraded as necessary, making it straightforward to adapt gas detection systems in response to modifications in operations.

Gas Detector Hire and Subscription Services from Industrial Scientific

Industrial Scientific offers a gas detector solution to suit an organizations’ specific gas detection requirements.

The rental service provided by Industrial Scientific offers an inventory of over 2,000 pieces of equipment, fully stocked and ready to be shipped the day an order is placed in time for any time critical applications.

All rental gas detectors are distributed pre-calibrated with certificates of calibration, and service maintenance is conducted by factory trained Industrial Scientific employees. The lease of a full line of accessories, including probes, spare battery packs and docking stations, is also available.

Industrial Scientific’s gas detection subscription service, iNet, has been developed to dispose of the workload of managing an in-house gas detection system. Automatic bump-testing and calibration get rid of manual tasks, and comprehensive reporting and analysis tools make the tracking of compliance and performance easy.

What’s more, if there is the necessity to purchase gas detectors outright, Industrial Scientific offers a range of purchasable gas detectors that cover every possibility: from advanced 7-gas area detectors with wireless networking and live monitoring to straightforward H2S monitors for personal use.

Having designed and fabricated industry-leading gas detectors for over three decades – including the first 3-gas detector, 6-gas detector and wireless detector – Industrial Scientific is in the optimal position to advise on the perfect gas detector technology for an organization’s needs.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Industrial Scientific.

For more information on this source, please visit Industrial Scientific.


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