Hosokawa Laminar Flow Booths - Protection from Fumes and Dust

The Laminar Flow Booth provides protection to products, processes and operators from fumes and dust through its controlled, non-turbulent airflow. It is available in standard or custom-built sizes, ranging up to 4m wide and has an ergonomic design that enables different containers to be handled either automatically or manually.

The Laminar Flow Booth has been individually designed using the Stott / Vitalair technology to meet precise needs and it can be supplied with internal fan/motor systems, including filling and weighing, manufacturing or processing equipment zoned based on area classifications.

Air extraction is performed at the rear side of the flow booth using a full rear plenum designed to provide a laminar pull of air to 0.5m/sec across the open front face. This, in turn, generates a non-turbulent airflow that helps in pulling away product emissions from the operator as well as from the work area.

Key Features

  • Fixed or portable operation
  • Standalone workstation
  • Ergonomic design
  • Controlled, once-through non-turbulent airflow
  • Integral fan/motor systems
  • Offers protection from fumes and dust
  • Stott / Vitalair technology


  • Charging and discharging
  • Filling and weighing
  • Inspection and dispensing
  • Liquid and solvent pumping and dispensing
  • Vacuum transfer


  • Rear plenum chamber with air control valves for assured product integrity
  • Easy-to-clean, contamination-reducing construction, in stainless steel or coated mild steel
  • Internal lighting and the addition of hand held tools subject to customer needs

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