DELTA Alloys and Metals Handheld XRF Analyzer by Olympus NDT

The DELTA Alloys & Metals Handheld XRF Analyzers offer highly specific material chemistry to rapidly and precisely determine alloy grades and pure metals. Alloy chemistry and grade IDs are obtained in seconds, from simple sorting to challenging grade separations, from incoming material inspection to end-product verification.

Handheld XRF Analyzers are robust and compact from trigger to probe to display with sophisticated XRF technology that is quick, fast, better and more responsive. The DELTA from Olympus NDT is the right solution for the customer’s analytical needs. The DELTA line offers highly accurate quick measurements, high precision, detection limit and light element measurement capabilities fitted into a single chassis compact frame encased with a rugged industrial grade casing.

Key Features

The key features of the DELTA line from Innov-X are:

  • 4 W X-ray tube, 200µA current (max) as well as optimized beam settings
  • Stringent geometry for exceptional LODs and high analysis throughout
  • Large-Area SDD option as well as customized X-ray offers exceptional light element sensitivity
  • Patent-pending automatic barometric pressure correction adjusts calibration as required
  • Lightning fast bootup and data acquisition enables quicker testing and more results
  • Floating Point Processor offers more calculations in less time and leverages more advanced calibration algorithms
  • Integrated Bluetooth for data input and output
  • Ergonomic rubberized handle for enhanced grip
  • Analysis indicator lights visible from 360°
  • Bright, responsive, color touch screen display
  • The unit is changed to sleep mode when not in use by accelerometer technology to conserve power; logs impacts for tool management
  • USB interface port for high-speed data download and seamless PC control
  • It is possible to replace the rechargeable battery without having to turn off or re-standardize the unit.

Docking Station with Automatic Charging and Calibration Check

The Docking Station ensures that there is no need to power down the analyzer. The analyzer battery and a spare are charged by the station and runs periodic calibration checks. It is possible to remove the analyzer at any point of time for immediate testing.

DELTA Premium

In case of analytically challenging applications with high detection limits, DELTA Premium is the suitable solution as it integrates a high performance, large area silicon drift detector and a 4W optimized X-ray tube.

The DELTA Premium has a rhodium tube configuration and can be used for superior detection limits for light elements magnesium (Mg), aluminum (Al) and silicon (Si) as well as excellent detection limits for Mg through antimony (Sb).

DELTA Standard

The DELTA Standard integrates a Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) and a 4W optimized silver (Ag) X-ray tube offering high speed and detection limits for Mg through Sb. The new standard in handheld XRF, the DELTA Standard model for Alloys & Metals Analysis is referred to as DS-2000.

DELTA Classic

The DELTA Classic integrates a SiPIN detector with a 4W optimized gold(Au) or tantalum(Ta) X-ray tube and is a hi-tech flexible analyzer used for measuring titanium through Sb.

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